Are outbound links really important in SEO?


Asked by Avantika

Post Date : Thu, 05/25/2017 - 21:07

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Hi Avantika, 

All SEO experts will tell you one thing- that search engines rank on various factors- hundreds of them- and outbound links is probably the most important one. This is because having outbound links on your site informs the search engine that you are adding value for the visitors by allowing them to navigate to other useful information on the subject.

Another reason why outbound links are so important are because the act of clicking on the link which leads to another page contributes heavily on your SEO. This is because when the search engine sees that a lot of people are coming to your site and clicking on this link, it demonstrates that people are getting value from your site which has a positive impact on your SEO. 

Answered Date 26-May-17 by Mary H Chun

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