Can someone elaborate on the concept of url rewriting?


Asked by Johnny E Patterson

Post Date : Mon, 05/08/2017 - 20:04

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Hello Johnny,

URL rewriting is a method which is considered one of the best and quickest way by which you can improve your website’s usability and search friendliness. Please make sure you do thorough checks and testing before re-writing URLs.

A rewrite engine is a software that modifies a web URL and makes it more Search engine friendly. They create the URL in a shorter, more cleaner way which is more relevant to web pages. This technique adds a degree of separation between the files which are used to create a web page and the URL that is shown to the users on your website.

There are a few benefits for re-writing URLs.

1) The links become more descriptive and cleaner which increases their friendliness to both the users on your site and also the search engines.
2) It prevents undesired “inline linking” which can take a lot of bandwidth.
3) It hides the inner workings of a web site’s address to visitors, which can prevent them from discovering query strings that can compromise the site.
4) The website can use the same URLs even if the underlying technology is changes. For example if the website switches to a new blogging engine. 

Answered Date 03-May-17 by William

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