Can you give me the best advice for doing local SEO?


Asked by Johnny E Patterson

Post Date : Fri, 05/19/2017 - 08:04

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Local seo is slightly different form normal seo. If you want to start local seo for your business, you should follow these basics-

1) Keyword Research for your local business- Start with finding best and right keywords for your business. You should research your business keywords on the basis of niche and your business location.

For example, if you a book store in New York, then “Best Bookseller in New York” will be one of your main keywords for local seo.

2) Site and content optimization- High quality content is the top most priority for local seo. If you include creative and informative content, it will be good for your customer.  You should include your main keyword and location detail in your web content and Meta tags. Also, you should have a proper contact detail page in your site in which you can include your business name, proper address with pin code and phone number. 

3) Get listed on Google my Business page- Google my Business provides the right information about your local businesses what your customer is looking for. It helps you to communicate with your customers and create a communication path between you and your customer.

Start creating your page on Google my business and put your business in front of your top customers.

4) Create your local listing- Citation is an important term used by Google and other SEs in their ranking algorithms. Get listing and claim your business on top citation sites. 

5) Online Reviews- Customers read online reviews to check the quality of a local business.  Add some genuine reviews on your Google+ page. 

Additionally, You can take advantage from social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Answered Date 22-May-17 by Mark J Stalling

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