Give me some good tips for writing SEO content ?


Asked by Mark J Stalling

Post Date : Sat, 05/06/2017 - 06:37

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Hello Mark,

There are some very important factors that should be considered when writing Content for SEO. These are:

1. Write for humans and optimise for robots- There is no point writing about things if it will not lead to any conversions. Hence, you should always write about what others would like to read about and optimize it using the best SEO techniques.

2. Dont worry about keyword density- At one point, Google did mark this as a ranking factor. But now, there is no evidence to indicate this. However, do use it naturally, don’t stuff keywords unnecessarily.

3. Use Related keywords, synonyms and grammatical variations- Google and other search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to match search results to the intentions of the person searching a query. Using this, it is an easy way to make your content more relevant.

4. Write in-depth content- Whatever you write about, make sure it is informative and extensive. At an average, the pages that rank first on Google, have around 2000 words. Also, long content is more likely to be shared and short ones.

5. Use Long-Tail keywords- Long tail keywords are more specific and are less competitive hence, they are easier to rank for than short-tail keywords.

6. Use social media effectively- Sharing the content through social media channels gets you more backlinks and traffic.

7. Alt text images- Make sure all your images have an alt text as images seem to have more and more of an influence of your rankings. 

Answered Date 04-May-17 by Stewart Paulus

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