Give me some tips for preparing my digital marketing strategy.


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Yes, a few tips to keep into consideration. 

1. Frequency and consistency- Social media is in a way the voice of your company. You should not only make your voice heard with regular posts and updates, but also be consistent in what you say. There should be a uniformed identity to your posts. 

2. Focus on Customer- a lot of social media outreach is done focussing on promotion of their own brands. However, social media is a channel to connect to your customers and reaching out to the following with content and information that adds value to their time. 

3. Engagement with followers- Use social media to engage with current and future customers and make them feel that their feedback and suggestions matter. Also, don’t be afraid of any confrontations with complaints instead treat it like an opportunity to better your brand and show the capabilities of your customer service. 

4. Convey the right message- Formulate a USP that is conveyed through all your messaging. Avoid focussing on what features you have and instead explain the benefits that will add value to their lives. 

5. Optimise Internal pages- an integral question to ask yourself is what you want visitors to do when they land on your site? Once you know the answer to this you can formulate a winning strategy that will enable the visitors to do just that. 

Answered Date 11-May-17 by Frank Melcher

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