Give some best practices for deep linking.


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Hello Avantika,

Some Deep linking tactics.

1. Email signatures- Generally, its a common practice to put your home page URL in your email signature. A better tactic is to include an internal page that will send traffic to a useful page, which adds value to a user and hopefully they will end up subscribing.

2. Guest Post bios- When writing Guest posts, don’t include your homepage URL in the author description but include a deep link that will drive traffic to a relevant page and in turn decrease the bounce rate.

3. Blog comments- It is common to write the homepage address when you comment on other blogs. A better strategy is to leave a link to an internal page of a page that talks about a related topic to add value to any body reading your comment.

4. Forums- Similar to blog comments, when you are using forums to comment, do add a link to an internal page than your homepage to have a greater impact on your bounce rate and traffic.

5. Social Publishing Sites- Placing an internal link on Social publishing sites works as a very good tactic. When you create account on sites such as Squidoo and Scribd then put an internal link to your profile than the homepage.

6. Social networking- On social networks, whenever they ask you to put a link don’t put your homepage and instead put an internal link. 

Answered Date 15-May-17 by Kevin G Kees

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