Google penguin killed my site. what should I do ?


Asked by Marie Safel

Post Date : Fri, 05/19/2017 - 09:58

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It’s very sad and tragic to hear that you got hit from Penguin. 

Don’t waste your time, start working on penguin recovery. Now, you have to start from beginning to recover your traffic. Before start to recover, you must have knowledge about Google Penguin and know why you are suffering from this.

Penguin algorithm targets the sites that have an unnatural link profile with over-optimized anchor text.

To recover from such penalties, start analyzing the backlink profile of your site and anchor text distribution.  Use to generate your complete backlink report and examine all the links that are coming towards your site. 

Check unnatural/spammy links-

1) Buying or Selling Links that Pass PageRank

2) Excessive Reciprocal Link exchanges

3) Blog Networks

4) Automatically Generated Links

5) Articles & Commercial Anchor Text

6) Footer links

7) Sitewide links

8) Geographically Irrelevant Links

9) Contextually Irrelevant Links 

10) Link Networks

11) Link coming from site having 0 or no PR

12) Link coming from suspicious site

13) Link coming from a banned site

14) Link coming from n/a alexa site

You need to keep a record of spammy links in an excel file and find the contact detail of webmasters of that ones. After finding the details , contact webmasters and ask for a link removal. Once you remove most of the spammy links then create a txt file of the unnatural links then submit a disavow report to Google Webmaster Tools. 

Send a consideration request to Google and inform that you have deleted all the poor links from your site and request them to review your site again.

Google will review your site but this process with take 2-3 weeks so you have to have some patience.

Hopefully, you will recover from this poor disease.

Answered Date 07-May-17 by Avantika

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