How can a content be optimized for mobile?


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Hello Avantika,

Optimising your site for mobile users

1. Simplify your content- As the screen space is restricted on a mobile devise. It is important to simplify any content or page you are optimising. For the best result, keep the steps involved in going from the entry point to purchase as short and simple as possible.

2. Site Layout- Mobile pages run slower than traditional web pages hence, keep the number of the pages on your mobile site as small as possible. Keep the layout of your site streamlined with the content easy to find for the user.

3. Mobile and Web site should be branded appropriately- As the mobile site is just a part of the entire package, the branding should be kept consistent on both mobile and web.

4. Utilise white space- When designing the site for mobile use, with the restricted space, it is normal to want to use as much space as possible to provide information to your users. However, this is a bad practice and the white space should be utilised effectively to convey sophistication and neatness.

5. Do not use Flash - The obvious reason for avoiding flash is because Apple products do not support flash.

6. Reduce the number of text enter fields- Do not ask your users to fill out textbox after textbox, it is time consuming and irritating. Instead use dropdowns or radio boxes.

7. Do not use pop up windows- Navigating between multiple tabs on mobile is difficult already and if you include pop ups, it will be impossible to close and go back to the page which will increase your bounce rate. 

Answered Date 18-May-17 by Mary H Chun

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