How can I boost my Google local rankings?


Asked by Stewart Paulus

Post Date : Sat, 05/06/2017 - 11:59

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Hey Stewart hope you are doing well........

Here are 8 steps to improve your visibility in Google Local-

1) Research your keywords- This is very first step to find out the right keywords for your business.
If you have a restaurant in Los Angeles then “Los Angeles Restaurants” will be an important keyword for your business.
To find out right keywords, use Google keyword planner.

2) Site optimization- Add high quality content and include your city and state in your webpage content. Write Meta tags with your targeted keywords and location. You should have a testimonial and contact us page with correct and full address detail.

3) Get your business on Google my business page- Add your business on Google Business and create a Google + page for this.

4) Claim your listing- You should claim your listing if you want to protect it from people who can remove or edit your listing.

5) Business listing- Get listed on top local directories like yellow pages,, Yelp etc

6) Analyze your listing- Analyze your local profile with the help of local seo tools like Local RankWatch, BrightLocal WhiteSpark etc.

7) Online Reviews- People generally chooses the sites to view only good reviews and high ratings. So, you can ask your customers to write a review for your business and share their experiences.

8) Optimize your social profiles- You need to include your correct business name, location. (Including city and state), phone number in your all social profiles.

These simple steps will definitely help you to boost your rankings on Google local search results.

Answered Date 06-May-17 by Avantika

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