How can I do local seo optimization on Google?


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Post Date : Mon, 05/29/2017 - 10:21

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If you own a local business, you have to understand the local seo term.

Local seo is not so easy. If you focus your efforts, schedule some time, and follow the below steps, then your business improve its visibility in search engines and find more customers-

1) Keyword Research for your Local Business- Firstly, you have to find the perfect keywords that customers use to find you.  For local seo, you are not only targeting niche specific keywords but also location specific keywords as well.

For Example, if you have a restaurant in New York, then “Restaurant in New York City” will be an important keyword for you. 

For Keywords Research, you can use some tools like Google Adwords Keyword planner, and Google Trends.

2) Site and Content Optimization- You should include your business location in your meta tags and site content. Also, you should have a contact page on your site on which you should mention your company name, location, phone number and map.

3) Get your business on Google Local- To get started local seo, add or claim your business on Google My Business. 

4) Get listed on Top Local directories- You can use tools like Local Rankwatch, WhiteSperk, Brightlocal, which will help you find the best local listing sites for your local business. 

5) Claim your Business- If you don’t claim your listings on major local directories, other people can modify or remove your listing. So, you should claim your listings to prevent this kind of things.

6) Local Reviews- Local reviews have a direct impact on local search rankings, reviews are quick and easy ways for consumers to decide which link they want to click.  So you will want to spend some time acquiring them.

Answered Date 09-May-17 by Mary H Chun

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