How can I get top SERP position on Google?


Asked by Gary A Bouchard

Post Date : Sat, 05/13/2017 - 07:35

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Top ranking on Google is so valuable because if you are at one on SERP, you can get lot more clicks, traffic, and conversion. Everyone wants to be on top of Google but it is quite difficult to achieve and maintain the position.

Here is some checklist for top ranking on Google-

1) Proper Keyword Research

2) On-page optimization

3) Url optimization

4) Content optimization

5) Image optimization

6) Maintain keyword density with LSI words

7) Create profile on social networks and promote

8) Use quality link building methods

9) Read Google SEO Guidelines and follow them

10) Work on improving user experience on your site

Answered Date 11-May-17 by Arnav

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