How can I setup sitelinks in google results ?


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Post Date : Sun, 05/28/2017 - 12:30

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Hello Avantika,

Google sitselinks are the extra set of two or more indented site link results that are listed under the main search result on a search engine. Website owners and operators view site links as reputation enhancers and enable them to occupy a greater area of the SERP and hence, are considered extremely valuable.

Google prefers all sites are well made with a clear navigation and a well defined hierarchy of pages. If these are fulfilled, a site is automatically more like to be open to Google’s stilling analysis algorithms.

The way in which this works is kept secret by Google from discouraging manipulation of rankings, but we can dissect some examples and try understand what enables them.

Some common traits between sites with site links are:

1. The site is ranking on the first (1st) position for keyword(s) that generate the site link listings.
2. They all have a very structured navigation
3. High organic search traffic
4. Strong CTR from SERP
5. Popular internal pages appear as sitselinks
6. Unique titles and metas on internal pages.

Some characteristics that are common with sites that do not have site link listings.

1. No depth of pages. Most traffic is directed to one or two pages on the site.
2. Same titles and metas on each page
3. Pages have irrelavent content or thin content. 

Answered Date 28-May-17 by Terry Salmons

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