How can we measure website performance using Google tools?


Asked by Kevin G Kees

Post Date : Thu, 05/18/2017 - 12:00

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Hello Kevin,

You can use three important tools offered by Google-

Use Google Analytics for complete traffic analysis of your site. This tool gives you in-depth detail of your site traffic such as real time traffic, traffic source, user demographics, top landing pages of site and performance of your ad campaigns.

Second best tool from Google is Google Webmaster Tools. This is very essential tool for webmasters because it gives the complete site report regarding data and HTML improvements. This tool sends the direct message to webmaster from Google regarding any issue related to the site. Also, you can check the search queries from where you are getting traffic.

Third tool is for page speed test. PageSpeed Insights analyzes your site performance. This tool helps you to increase your site load time and makes your site more mobile-friendly.

Answered Date 06-May-17 by Terry Salmons

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