How is having internal links helpful for Google SEO?


Asked by William

Post Date : Mon, 05/29/2017 - 01:38

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William, There are many benefits for effective internal linking for your SEO. I have listed 4 of the major ones below.

1) Proper Navigation- Through internal links, you will be able to access other pages of the website in a convenient and effective manner. It is of great help to any visitor in navigating through your blog and accessing new content, which is the second point.

2) Readers and Search Engine bots access relevant data on your site- Through internal links, you are informing the visitor that there is other content on the web which may be of relevance and importance to the reader. You are also telling the same thing to Search engine bots which is likely to increase the credibility of your website. The more original and informative content you have on your website which search engine bots can crawl, the more authority your site gets.

3) Lower down your bounce rates- when a reader is reading an article on your site and finds a link that may be of relevance to them. They are likely to click on it and continue reading. this increases the time spent on your site and thus decreases the bounce rate.

4) Link Juice to other pages- When a page on your website is ranking high, which means it has more authority over a page which is ranking low. You can add in an internal link which in turn means, you are passing link juice to the other page and as a result, the lower ranking page will start performing better.

Answered Date 04-May-17 by Mary H Chun

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