How to build genuine backlinks?


Asked by Mary H Chun

Post Date : Tue, 05/02/2017 - 04:57

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Mary, When you start to generate backlinks for your website, you should set a goal for backlinks amount like never generate more than 10-15 links per day for your homepage and internal pages as well.

Also, you should keep a record of backlinks by using free/paid backlink checker tools. There are 5 amazing ways to build genuine backlinks for your site-

1) Guest Posting- This is the best way to get high quality backlinks to your site. Find the sites which are related to your niche and allows guest posting. Write high quality content and include 1-2 links of your site, submit your content. You will get an active backlink after content will get published.

2) Blog Comments- Increase your backlink density with blog comments. Do some genuine comments on top and high or sites which links back to you.

3) Social Media- Social networking sites help to generate quality backlinks. If you are active in facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterset etc, these sites can help you to generate viewers to your site.

4) Infographics- Create an infographics related to your site and spread it across the web. a good infographic can help you build high quality backlinks to your website.

5) Write testimonials- This is one of the easiest method to generate quality backlinks, write testimonials for website you are using.

Answered Date 12-May-17 by Mark J Stalling

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