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Asked by Vidushi Mishra

Post Date : Wed, 05/24/2017 - 21:53

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My website Speed Score rank is 52 and its Avg Page Load Time is 10.08 secs. It would be very helpful if tell me how to decrease the Avg Page Load Time. 



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Hello Vidushi,

Use the below steps that can help you to reduce the page load time of your website:

1) Optimize Your Images – Scale your large-size images before you upload or you can compress them.

2) Enable Browser Caching- Enabling browser caching helps to load faster a webpage if your website has been previously loaded.

3) Reduce Redirects- Minimize the number of redirections because Redirections require an additional HTTP requests and increase page load time. 

4) Enable Gzip compression- Gzipping reduces bandwidth of web pages and helps to HTTP reduce response time.  According to Yahoo, Gzip can reduce file size by about 70%.

5) Use a Content Delivery Network- Using a content delivery network for hosting video, audio and image files can save up to 60% bandwidth and reduce the load on any single server.

6) Use a fast hosting company

7) Fix all the broken links 

8) Minimize the size of CSS and JS files

9) Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom of the page.

10) Minimize HTTP Requests and server response time

Answered Date 09-May-17 by Gary A Bouchard

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