How to repair broken links?


Asked by William

Post Date : Sun, 05/28/2017 - 21:12

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There are three ways by which you can fix broken links-

1) Try and find an updated link- If the link is of your site on another web page then connect with the webmaster and ask them to fix it. IF the link is on your site of another webpage which seems to be broken them visit the website and try to find an updated link, if not, then contact the webmaster again and ask them to provide an updated link.

2) Find a replacement link- If no solution can be found with the above point, then just choose another link instead which is not broken. The web has enough content and related pages to be used. You can always search for a site offering something similar and replace the old link with the new.

3) Simply remove the link 

Answered Date 29-May-17 by Cameron Shisler

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