What are the advantages of digital marketing?


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There are a lot of advantages of using digital marketing as your source of outreach-

1) All business start at the same level and all businesses can compete with other business. No one business has an advantage due to money or status.

2) Very little cost- You can develop a winning online strategy with very little cost.

3) Easily measurable- Unlike traditional marketing, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts instantly, in real time.

4) Brand Development- A website or landing pages with quality content targeted at the right audience will add value to your brand significantly.

5) Greater reach- Your business solution can reach any corner of the world without ever leaving your office.

6) Virality- If you content goes viral, it can reach millions of people in an instant. Just compare it to the cost through traditional marketing.

7) Not intrusive- Online marketing can be subtle or can be in your face. The choice is yours.

8) Greater Engagement- There is a direct channel of communication between you and your customers and instant engagement. 

Answered Date 15-May-17 by Joseph Scamp

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