What are the important parameters of SEO? Can we keep in the website analysis report?


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Post Date : Sun, 05/07/2017 - 11:29

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SEO Checklists are-

1) Title of each page is unique or not?

2) Length is between 60-70 chars or not?

3) Meta Description is keyword stuffed or not?

4) Description is between 150-160 chars ?

5) Url is user friendly or not?

6) H1 tag for Heading, title?

7) Use of Text formatting tags

8) Content is duplicate or unique?

9) Thin content?

10) Use of interlinking?

11) Use of anchor text in Internal linking ?

12) Alt tag in Image?

13) External links are trusted or not?

14) Nofollow external links?

15) 301 or 302 redirects?

16) check rel=canonical tag?

17) Broken links?

18) Page load speed is slow or?

19) Google Authorship status implemented?

20) Important pages are linked from homepage?

21) Are most important pages linked to from Sidebar?

22) Is there a HTML sitemap?

23) HTTP Header status

24) Is there a Robots.file?

25) Is there valid XML sitemap ?

26) Is website integrated with Google Analytics?

27) Are Social media buttons on webpages?

28) Do you have a Facebook business page ?

29) Do you have a Google+ page ?

30) Do you have a twitter accoount ?

31) Do the backlinks coming from trustworthy sites? 

32) How many unique domains are linking to the site?

33) How many backlinks are nofollow?

34) Does the anchor text distribution appear natural?

35) What is Domain Authority?

Answered Date 09-May-17 by Kevin G Kees

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