What are the metrics for website performance?


Asked by Cameron Shisler

Post Date : Thu, 05/11/2017 - 21:04

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Hi Cameron,

There are 10 essential metrics to measure your website performance-

1) Unique Visitors - Number of individual visitors to your site during a specific period of time

2) New vs. Repeat Visitors - Comparison between total number of unique visitors to the total numbers of visitors who return to your site

3) Traffic Sources- 3 traffic sources such as-
a) Direct Traffic- No. of visitors who accesses your website directly
b) Organic Traffic- Traffic coming from Search Engines
c) Referral Traffic - Traffic from sources other than search engines

4) Inbound Links - Links from sources that sends traffic directly to your site

5) Most/Least Popular Pages - Compare most and least traffic received pages

6) Indexed Pages – Check how many pages are being indexed by Search engine, and see the number of landing pages receive the highest percentage of visits.

7) Landing Page Conversion Rate- The percentage of visitors who arrive at a landing page and convert as customer or fill lead generation form

8) Organic Search Conversion Rates- The percentage of prospects who arrive at your website through an organic search and convert by taking a desired action

9) Keyword Performance – Track keywords that are bringing traffic to your website

10) Bounce Rate - The percentage of new visitors who leave your site immediately after arriving

Answered Date 25-May-17 by Stewart Paulus

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