What are the roles and responsibilities of a Content Manager?


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Post Date : Thu, 05/04/2017 - 04:41

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Some of the roles and responsibilities of a content manager are:

1) Create, develop and manage content for an organisation’s strong online presence. This requires the content manager to work on various content softwares.

2) Co-ordinate web projects across departments.

3) Maintain a consistent look and feel of the branding done through the content that has been released.

4) Prepare and follow a content calendar than clearly identifies when the content has to be released and on what medium.

5) Proofread and edit the content before publishing.

6) Oversee freelancers including writers, editors and community outreach organisers.

7) Stay up to date with current trends in the industry.

8) Assure the content that has been released is archived and ready for future reference

9) Make the content SEO friendly and get it to rank well.

10) Track and report on the site metrics to make better informed decisions.

11) Work in cohesion with key team members and clients. 

Answered Date 20-May-17 by Frank Melcher

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