What basic steps can I take to improve my website performance?


Asked by Mary H Chun

Post Date : Fri, 05/05/2017 - 23:19

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A good website performance gives way to increased conversions and brand exposures, a prominent place in Google SERPs, customer retention and ultimately greater sales. I have enumerated a list of ways that can help you improve your website performance and help you achieve all of the following:

1. Create an effective landing page. Make sure you provide all the valuable content here as per the needs of the customers. Another important thing is to provide clear and direct calls to actions button.

2. Optimize your images. Make sure that your images are compressed and are sized appropriately. Using new image formats like WebP and Jpeg XR can help to reduce the image weight by 20-50%% without compromising with the quality.

3. Minimize HTTP requests. By reducing the number of round trip the browser makes to the server (minimizing requests to download CSS, Javascript), a page’s speed can be increased significantly. Hence, the website’s performance could be made better.

4. Go for a Content Delivery Network. This helps delivers websites static files, like CSS, images, and JavaScript, to the user’s physical location through the closest web servers. This leads to faster loading time.

Answered Date 01-May-17 by Kevin G Kees

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