What impact did Google hummingbird update have on SEO?


Asked by Kevin G Kees

Post Date : Fri, 05/26/2017 - 03:28

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The impact on SEO by Google hummingbird were:

1) For SEO professionals, it’s actually a good thing as it helps to weed out the black hats that make outrageous (and unfounded) claims that they can get your site on page one of Google search results within a week.

2) For content publishers and writers, Hummingbird is also a good thing, so long as the content being produced is worthwhile. The algorithm is intended to help get rid of irrelevant content and spam and put more weight on industry thought leaders and influencers.

3) The authorship program goes hand-in-hand with this as it allows Google to find authors that produce high-quality content and rely on them to be ‘trusted’ authors.

4) Link building practices are also affected, as the algorithm seeks to find dodgy practices (such as poor quality guest blogging) by evaluating inbound links in a more complex manner.

Answered Date 24-May-17 by Gary A Bouchard

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