What is a heatmap?


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Heatmaps show you where on a page your visitors click, move the mouse and how far down they scroll so you can discover which content your visitors actually pay attention to, where your content is confusing, and whether your content is engaging. Based on this information you can improve your content and page structure and ultimately increase your conversions. Session Recordings lets you record all clicks, mouse movements, scrolls and form interactions of a visitor so you can replay them in a video. See exactly what your visitors did on your website to truly understand them. Find out where they have problems or get confused to improve usability and conversions.

Answered Date 03-Jul-17 by jackadision

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This is the Wikipedia meaning of a heatmap: “A heat map is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. Fractal maps and tree maps both often use a similar system of color-coding to represent the values taken by a variable in a hierarchy.”

A heatmap is, SEO or rather in digital marketing context is a visualization map that displays where and how visitors interact with a webpage. The brighter or hotter an area is, the more interactions there are. Red areas signify the areas with most interactions and a cold color like blue marks areas with less activity.

Here, Interactions can be in terms of mouse clicks, mouse movements or gazes through points of fixation.

Answered Date 27-May-17 by Marie Safel

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