What is the difference between Good link vs bad link?


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Difference between good link and a bad link -

  • Quality Backlink

A backlink is considered a quality backlink when it comes from a relevant and authoritative website in your specific niche. If the website’s domain has a high authority and has relevant and similar content to yours then it is good for your SEO. 

  • Bad Link

A backlink coming from an untrusted source and has no relevancy to your content, it is then considered a bad link. A site which has been penalised by Google previously and are in anyway violating Google’s guidelines, then it can have a negative effect on your SEO . In order to overcome this, you should do a timely website audit to remove these backlinks and should also do an audit on the website that you are getting a backlink from in order to eradicate these occurrences. Check out RankWatch to perform a complete website audit. 

Answered Date 09-May-17 by Stewart Paulus

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