What should be done if a website is taking a lot of time to load?


Asked by Wesley Lacroix

Post Date : Thu, 05/04/2017 - 01:03

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There are a few things you can do when the site isnt loading properly or taking too long to load. First you have to assess the reason why the website is slow in the first place. This maybe due to a few reasons.

First, the website could be too heavy in terms of unoptimised images. This increases the load speed and thus slowling the website down considerably. What you can do here is reduce the size of the image through lossless methods, which removes any irrelevant meta data.

The second is the total third party objects- what this is basically is the number of links and objects of third party websites you are supporting on your own site. Fro example social buttons can have a negative affect and also try to reduce page re-directs.

Third, whether your site is static vs dynamic- Static pages take very less time to load whereas dynamic content on your site interacts with the server continuously which makes it slow. Forth, Flash drives – Flash drives are known for overloading and crashing web pages. Its advisable to avoid flash drives sites altogether. Lastly, caches objects is quite handy to web developers and will significantly reduce load time if done properly.  

Answered Date 24-May-17 by William

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