What should i do to get sitelinks for Google?


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Post Date : Thu, 05/25/2017 - 11:44

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Here is what you can do to increase the odds of Google picking sitelinks from your website:

1. Create structured navigation using the HTML 5 <nav> tag, or HTML features like unordered lists (UL) and text links, or . Use CSS to style menus. Lists can be displayed horizontally or vertically, and be any size or color.

2. Organize navigation in a way that it displays a smaller number of logical destinations that visitors will choose frequently. Don't overwhelm the visitor with too many choices on the main navigation. Present only those options which the users would like to visit.

3. Give a unique brand name to your website. If the name is too generic, there are less chances of getting organic traffic because the user will have too many choices on the search results for similarly named sites.

4. Draft unique and informative titles and META descriptions, especially for the home page and pages linked from the main navigation. Make sure the meta information is accurate to avoid unwanted and unrelated traffic.

5. Make the site really useful. Even if a particular page is not offering the information which the user wants, it should provide useful outbound links throughout the site.

Answered Date 06-May-17 by Joseph Scamp

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