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RankWatch Competitors Analysis helps you in identifying your fiercest competitors, the ads they are running and the keywords they are ranking on. In addition, it displays data related to your competitor’s online presence and suggests the domains performance matrices.

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In-depth Competitors Analysis

Organic Competitors

Based on your keywords, Rankwatch would automatically report the top organic competitive domains from the SERP. You get to see the keywords by keywords competition and the performance comparison from the previous week.

Paid Competitors

Learn about the competitors driving paid traffic to their site through Google Ads. RankWatch would compute the top domains running Ad campaigns on the keywords you are tracking so you can strategize on your organic and paid SEO.

Ad Copies

Individually monitor every Google advertisement run by your Paid Competitors along with the targeted keywords. Analyze which ads got the highest traction and are most effective including the keywords and ads tagline.

Actionable Insights

Discover additional competitor analysis parameters to prepare an effective SEO strategy, including:

Competitor Comparison

Examine your business alongside the dominant contemporaries of your niche based on:

Backlinks Comparison

Monitor and compare the degree of online presence that your competitors have. RankWatch gives you a comprehensive stats of backlining profile of your direct SERP competitors. With our backlink comparison you get the report over your competitor’s domain -

Add Competitors of your choice

RankWatch computes your Paid and Organic Competitors using a sophisticated algorithm. However, if that is not sufficient - we have got you covered here too. You have the liberty to manually add competitors that you wish to monitor for organic rankings.

Generate Quick Reports

RankWatch’s Competitor Module allows you to instantly download the competitor analysis reports in PDF and Excel. Reports can be downloaded both individually as well as collectively whenever required.

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