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Power up your content optimization with Rankwatch’s keyword research tools! Having an array of keywords will allow you to monitor their performance over a period of time and optimize them instantly when the time is right.

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How we help you?

Enter the keyword or a phrase, select the country and extract detailed data and keyword suggestions related to the entered keyword within seconds and eventually generate better rankings.

When you need us?

RankWatch provides you with keywords having higher search volumes that can be used every time you wish to boost your site’s rankings on top of the SERP.

Why choose us?

Because we can save your time and efforts. You will get your entered keyword search volume and related long tail and short tail keyword suggestions listed from high to low search volume.


Keywords Difficulty

List of keywords that have been scored according to their difficulty in generating better rankings.


Cost Per Click

Know about cost per click of every keyword and facilitate effective Google advertisements.



All keywords are scored between 0.1 to 1.0 to assist you in gauging their value among your competitors.


Search Volume Trend and Geo-Distribution

You can see location-based search volume of every keyword you are tracking. And the heat signatures will assist you in identifying the locations with high search volume.


Keywords Suggestion:

The module suggests you both long tail and short tail keywords that can help you rank better in the search engines along with their search volumes.

  • Organic Keywords Suggestion: List of keywords that can positively affect your organic rankings and traffic.
  • Paid Keywords Suggestion: Suggested keywords that can assist you in successfully running a paid campaign.
  • Question-Based keywords Suggestion: Get query based keyword suggestions related to your keyword with impressive search volume.

Keyword Grouping

RankWatch groups the suggested keywords related to your actual keyword into two categories.

  • Primary Keyword Groups: Related keywords with high search volumes when compared to the other suggested ones.
  • Question-Based Keyword Groups: Query-based keywords that include why, how, which, can, shall, etc. related to your searched keyword.

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