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The Site Auditor

The Site Auditor by RankWatch is one of the most important modules that increases your site’s indexing capabilities for the search engine. Site Auditor analyzes every aspect of your website and assists you in locating all the issues preventing your domain from securing top SERP rankings.

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110+ On Page Factors Checked

Rankwatch Site Auditor performs a comprehensive analysis of your site based on more than 110 development parameters that impacts directly to your site and SEO performance.

Efficient Crawling By A Designated Bot

RankWatch’s Bot dedicatedly crawls every single page of your website and performs a comprehensive audit. This helps you decipher all the minor and major issues.

Micro Level Analysis

Execute an in-depth analysis of every URL individually based on its various metrics such load time, indexability, HTTP status, etc. Micro-level analysis gives you crude data points to work on.

Fix Issues On Priority

The issues recorded after the crawl are categorized according to criticality.

  • High Priority Issues: Pages with broken links, duplicate content, missing titles, alt tags, and content, etc.
  • Medium Priority Issues: Pages with a missing description, short description, improper language, and invalid canonical tag.
  • Low Priority issues: Pages with short URL length, orphaned URL and canonical tag, unsecured form field, and mixed content.

Advanced Settings

Schedule the time and speed of crawling according to your preference. You also have the liberty to limit the crawl to a specific URL or Protocol.

How Fast Is Your Website?

All the pages of your website are bifurcated based on their response time into three categories: Slow, Medium, and Fast.

hreflang Attribute

Identify pages with and without hreflang attribute, along with the ones having broken and incorrectly configured hreflang tags that are returning an error report.

Pages Invisible To The Search Engine Crawler

Find and fix pages that are not being indexed due to Robots.txt file, canonicalization, and malformed URLs, etc.

HTTP Status Of Every Page

With categorised data on HTTP Code distribution, know about the pages that are returning server response codes, along with the pages redirecting to a different URL.

Monitor Backlinks

Analyze data related to the number of external do-follow and no-follow links, followed by external redirects.

Site Score

After the crawl, a site is scored out of 100 based on the various types of issues encountered during the crawl. The score is determined from a well-defined algorithm and is a patent score by RankWatch.

Effective Pricing

Price which is unmatched from any of the tool in the industry. Choose from the pricing plan starting at 1500 pages crawl per USD.

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