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8 Basic Google Analytics Tips That’ll Boost Your Sales

Google Analytics Tips to boost your sales

Google Analytics Tips to boost your sales

By the end of the day, this is the only thing that everything comes down to.It’s anything but difficult to dream of immense transformation rates; in any case, they’ve been fairly difficult to accomplish of late. Hard, but not feasible. There are numerous tips out there on the most proficient method to build your conversation rate even by more than 100% in just a single day. Google Analytics has hundreds of reports, ready to access but how to put that report data in an actionable use is a whole new story.

In this blog, I am not going to convey overnight enchantment arrangements. I will talk about how you can increase your conversation ratio by following some effective Google Analytics tips.

Find the key reason to check reports

This is a basic but very important point to consider. When you are thinking about increasing sales, you should have a specific reason to check the reports such as which factor you want to analyze for?, what kind of metrics I should look for to achieve a specific goal.

If you are able to find out this, then you can start working towards to achieve right goal with better results.

Conversation Funnels

Need to know precisely what steps your guests are taking when they purchase things?

Google Analytics change channels can give you the appropriate responses.

These funnels are the adventures that buyers take online when they scan for data, when they visit sites, when they take a gander at online promotions, and when they make buys. Having the capacity to perceive what steps your site guests are taking can enable you to support them all the more successfully with the correct substance at the opportune time, while additionally helping you settle any tangles that are driving guests to drop out of the funnel.

Find out real conversation rate

If you have observed, sometimes you get a good response for one of your blog but sometimes a good content even didn’t work well.


Because, the majority of people who visits your website does not care about the service you provide or product you offer not because it is not good but because it is not relevant to them or their business.

To measure your real conversation, you just need to filter out those visitors of the website who can are not giving you business.

Follow these steps:

Click on Source/Medium report in Acquisition section

Add segment in this with custom parameters. And select Behavior tab in that


In the behavior section, customize session duration with less than 10 seconds. Click save.

Now you can analyze the table and see what is your real conversation rate?

When you filter out the people who leave your website within 10 seconds, you actually can see the real ones whom you actually targeted for specific page or service because the other ones just come to your website just to check and leave it because it was not relevant.

From this report, you can actually measure your which sales strategy worked for you and which didn’t.

Sales from leads…Measure it

When was the last time you bought a product of the brand you never heard of?

It is the situation which is quite unreal to happen, right?

So for this, you need to understand the the visitor’s flow on your website from their first visit to placing the order.

And so, “Behavior Flow” will help you to understand this flow.

From this report, you can easily measure how the people who are not aware of your brand and who visits your website for the first time are getting engaged with it.

Landing pages

It is exceptionally helpful to utilize the Landing Pages report since this shows you above all else what pages are welcoming your visitors.

Even however you have the best landing page out there, if your clients arrive on your website by achieving your blog to start with, this implies you need to exploit this and actualize a web based promoting technique in light of what they see when they arrive. Since many marketers might not comprehend what you do, it can be of an enormous help to incorporate a few insights about your identity.

Presently you ought to likewise know about the execution of each presentation page that you have on your site.

This is the reason the Landing Pages report can be so helpful. It will give you data on what pages are fruitful and you may figure out how to apply the strategies that function for a page to different pages. With a specific end goal to see transformation openings, you can apply a propelled channel.

Suppose that you have a blog. On the off chance that you apply a channel, you will have the capacity to see which are the posts that pull in the most rush hour gridlock on your area. You will likewise have the capacity to discover precisely which posts will make guests inquisitive.

You can likewise utilize the propelled fragments to sift the aggregate activity and find through what number of individuals originate from web-based social networking. This may help you to judge your web-based social networking technique too, in light of the fact that a few articles from your blog may be all the more engaging for the perusers that originate from web-based social networking.

You can likewise observe what the change rate for each blog entry is. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you need your guests to purchase your item, to assist a reason by turning into a volunteer or make a record, a definitive objective is transformation. Set a significant objective.

After you set objectives, you will have the capacity to watch what pages are impacting perusers to make a move and increment the transformation rate of your site.

Analyze Mobile and Desktop traffic

In this digital era, one should not forget about mobile traffic as mobile traffic has already exceeded the desktop traffic.

And so, this is the right time to analyze your conversation between mobile and desktop traffic.

This report will show you the comparisons among desktop, mobile and tablet traffic of your website and the total conversation too.

If you see the result such as your mobile traffic is high but conversation is low then it might be possible your website in mobile is not user friendly or attractive enough for visitor to convert on.

New vs. Returning Visitors

So, what are you focusing on?

Selling more to existing customers or looking to get new clients?

Yes, it is all about your business. But still you need to see the report of “New vs. Returning” under the Audience section.

In the report, you can begin to dissect what part of your movement and dynamic site guests are new or returning clients.

To get a more profound understanding into how each section thinks about and performs for your primary concern, sort the table by Goal Conversion Rate and break down your deals in the base right-hand corner.

Eliminate Internal Traffic

This is tricky… But do agree. You visit your website more than your customers and it is totally fine if you do so.

But this visit also counts as the traffic to your website, and it will decrease your conversation rate.

For this, you can use Filter option of the Google Analytics.

Go to your admin section of the dashboard and click on the “Filters”.

Now, you can create new filter.

Now from predefined filter type, eliminate all the traffic from a specific IP address. (i.e. your IP address).

Enter your IP address or all the IP addresses in the box that you want to eliminate from your insights.


After you make a Google Analytics account and place the Analytics code on your website, you can make lots of reports and track your site’s exercises.

The basic tips of Google Analytics report I have share here which one should know about to analyze and to get more sales from the website. Follow these basic tips to make your next marketing strategy more conversable and effective.

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