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8 Sure-Fire Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Get Highly Qualified Leads



If you are not getting the ideal traffic and struggling to increase the number of visitors on your site, improve your signup rate, get more conversions and acquire more clients, then there is a possibility that your bounce rate is too high.

Perhaps, when your visitors come to your landing page they suddenly bounce off, before they even give you an opportunity to convert them. Obviously, you don’t want a higher bounce rate, but what factors matter most to a good bounce rate.

One of the best ways to increase your conversion rate is to create more landing pages. A study conducted by HubSpot suggested that businesses with 40 or more landing pages get 12X more leads than those with 5 or less landing pages.

When your website begins to see a high bounce rate, it’s an indication that your website and content marketing strategy needs to be revised. Because reducing your bounce rate helps to boost your conversion rate. Once you have a clear idea about how to increase your conversion rate, you can come up with a strong content strategy that will ultimately grow your business.

In this post, I’ll explain what strategies most professional SEO companies are adopting to boost their conversion rates and build a successful website that generates website traffic consistently.

1. Content Readability

One of the major reasons your target customers might leave without visiting your landing page is a lack of readability. User experience improves when your content is understandable, interesting and readable. Particularly, lengthy paragraphs scare readers away, so avoid them at any cost as it will result in higher bounce rate and faster exit rate.

Lousy formatting and large chunks of text don’t create a great user experience. Easy-to-read formatting is a must-have for the ideal user experience and mitigation of high bounce rate.

2. Compelling Call-to-Action

Go-Globe says that 47% of websites have a clear CTA button that hardly takes users 3 seconds or less to spot them on your website.
Once you’ve attracted a visitor with your headline and build interest with the content, don’t make a mistake of losing them with a weak call-to-action. Obviously, you want every site visitor to convert and make a purchase, or at least think about your brand.

Another study conducted by SmallBizTrends revealed that 70% of small business B2B websites have no CTA, That is the reason, they experience a high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

Whatever the size and industry you are operating in, make sure your CTA is compelling enough and attracts users to click and see what you have for them.

So, you can achieve a low bounce rate by simply adding a great CTA button. Review your landing pages carefully and see how you can create a sense of urgency and get the visitor to take the desired action.

Keep in mind, strong CTA will improve usability, your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Popups

Don’t disrupt the user experience by adding irrelevant pop-ups. It’s annoying. A research says that 70% of users said that they found pop-ups on websites, annoying. Well, there are many who still don’t like popups. And it’s a debatable topic among online marketers and site owners, whether to use them or avoid them.

There are some marketers who use aggressive language in their popups which only drives away visitors. This would lead to a bad user experience and a higher bounce rate.

On the bright side, there’s no denying that popups work and they can grow your email subscribers list quickly. Professional SEO companies believe if you want to build an effective site that creates a seamless UX and generates lots of organic traffic, considers limiting popups. Make popups as unobtrusive and less-irritating as possible.

A research says that only 14% of visitors consider a pop-up ad, compared to 51% who prefer to respond to email offers.

Some popups are perfectly designed and they’ll convert visitors into returning customers, which will ultimately improve conversion rates.

But when it comes to search engine traffic and what makes search users excited to visit your website, it is a great user experience.

4. Use Target Keywords

Multicolor Concept – Target Keywords on Dark Brick Wall with Doodle Icons. Modern Illustration in Doodle Style. Target Keywords Business Concept. Target Keywords on Dark Wall.

Keywords can either make or break your content marketing campaign. So, if you want your site to rank higher on search engine result pages, start targeting high-value keywords as they can give you valuable traffic.

Simply writing fresh content for your blog can’t reduce your bounce rate or improve conversion rate. You need to also target keywords with high-value traffic.

High-value keywords are powerful enough, they can improve your website traffic, engagement and conversation rate, and improve your authority and online reputation.

5. Brand Storytelling

Believe it or not, storytelling will captivate the minds of your target audience, only if you use it well. As customers immediately respond to good and interesting stories.

“Storytelling can bring your business to life”, Adam Toren.

You have a clear idea about how people read content, they usually scan a page, look for things- images, subheadings, videos, terms, that stand out. As storytelling can connect those attention-grabbing elements with the rest of your content.

Brand storytelling helps your content appeal to users in a dynamic, emotional way and your readers will start to trust you more.

6. Attract the Target Audience

No matter what industry you are operating in, you have to reach out to your target audience. Better content can lead to better business opportunities. There are 58% marketers who increased their paid distribution budgets and they have seen a great impact of the right content on the right type audience.

Higher bounce rate happens when you are attracting the wrong audience from the start. So, figure out your demographics and devise your content strategy for your target audience. And if your content strategy fails to yield the right visitors and increased sales for you, it’s time to revise your strategy.

Create custom content that is right for your target market by using a content strategy, as custom content has a great impact on audience attitudes and strengthens relationships with customers by delivering great service.

The value of the right audience can’t be denied. By just attracting the right prospects you can increase your sales conversion rate up to two folds.

7. Mobile-Friendliness is Important

We are living in a mobile world, where a majority of people prefer to use their mobile devices for searching for anything, so it is important to optimize your website for mobile. When your potential customers visit your website on their mobile device, make sure it displays perfectly.

It’s the right time to take your brand to mobile because your customers have their mobile devices with them every time, everywhere.

Let’s take an example of AplhaRooms here, they reduced their bounce rate for mobile visitors to 35%, increased their conversion rate and improved the overall performance of their website.

Keep in mind that consumers and search engines both desperately ask for a mobile-friendly experience.

Truth be told, mobile-friendliness has now become a ranking factor, and if your website is not mobile-optimized, it won’t rank higher in search engine result pages.

8. Credibility is Everything

Believe it or not, in the business world, credibility matters most, so don’t ignore it – ever. No matter the type or size of your business, recognize your brand and use every single opportunity to help your prospects.

Stay transparent and give away a number of valuable resources for free, this will make people trust and believe what you share on your website.

“If you want people to buy from you they have to trust you”. Evan Carmichael

Do you know why people feel excited when buying from major brands like Amazon, Zappos, Nike and more, because in their point-of-view these brands are highly-credible?

To Sum, All Things Up

Having a low bounce rate and increasing the amount of time that users spend reading your content is what every business owner and marketer wants. The above-cited strategies can help you increase your conversion rate, grow your site visitors and reduce your bounce rate.

When you satisfy your visitors, they’ll surely tell others about your brand, thereby improving your website traffic and lead generation. Good luck!

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