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New Feature Update: Now Manually Add your Competitor to RankWatch


RankWatch always tries to accommodate all feature requests that our users have suggested, since what is important for them is worth our time to deliver.

A unique feature many of our current users have suggested to us in the past few months is the ability to manually add their competitors in order to conduct stronger competitive analysis.

RankWatch calculates your competitors based on the number of websites that are also ranking on your set of keywords on the first page of the selected search engine. However, sometimes a competitor may not be competing on the same set of keywords or ranking on any of your keywords you are tracking, but they may be of high importance to be monitored. In that case, having an option to manually add the competitor would be extremely helpful incase they do start ranking in the future.

So, lets go over the process of adding a competitor manually.

Step 1

On the “Edit Current Project” page, first thing you would need to do is Switch the “Add Manually Organic Competitors” option ON as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2

Add the domain of the competitor and click on add.

Step 3

You will now be able to see the competitor’s Domain listed in you organic competitors section on the “Competitor’s” Page.

Step 4

If they are ranking on any of your set of keywords, it will be mentioned here and you will be able to further compare your rankings against theirs.


Do let us know your thoughts on the new feature releases or if you have some requests of your own on

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