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RankWatch Console: Strongest, Friendliest, And Unlimited

Google Search Engine Console has been in the market for a long time, but it’s hardly useful for digital marketers and SEO professionals. 

Why? Well, it has data limitations, complex steps, and a difficult interface. 

But there’s a solution to this, known as the “RankWatch Console.” 

Presenting RankWatch Console: The Ultimate Web Search Console for Digital Marketers

RankWatch Console is an advanced version of Google web Search Console with tons of benefits and no restrictions. You can easily monitor your website’s health, on-site SEO performance, generate new ideas, avoid keyword cannibalization, and more!

The best thing about this new update is that it’s available even in RankWatch’s free trial account!

You don’t have to pay anything to use this amazing tool. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial, and you will see Console on your RankWatch dashboard.

Why Should You Go For RankWatch Console?

Yes, we know that Google Search Engine Console is still there, and some other players are also providing the same feature. But, with RankWatch Console, you get a lot more than just features and benefits!

Let’s go through each category of Console in detail.

1. Performance Tab

The performance tab of RankWatch Console gives you a basic overview of your website. It shows you the site’s impressions, clicks, CTR percentage, number of ranking keywords, and ranking pages.

The best thing about the tab is that you can see both numbers and percentage of changing positions of each section. As the rankings change every day, so do the number and percentage.


Whenever your website lands in the search results, it’s known as impressions. It doesn’t matter whether the user clicks on the URL, but if it appears on the search results page, Google will consider it an impression.

An increase in impressions shows that the page’s visibility is strong. But, if the percentage decreases, it means that Google does not find your website content relevant to the user’s search query. 

To make Google realize that your page is relevant, you need to work on its content and improve on-page SEO as well.


Google considers “clicks” when a user actually clicks on your site’s URL after it appears on the search results.

In simple words, clicks let you know the amount of traffic your website generates. If the number is high, it states that your traffic is good and you don’t need to worry much. 

If your site’s impressions are good but not generating clicks, then you need to work on your titles, meta descriptions, and content quality to convert them into clicks.

Remember, impressions will not bring you traffic; only clicks can make this possible. So, make sure that the number of clicks is always close to impressions.

CTR Percentage

CTR, or click-through rate, states the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. It gives an average percentage of how many users actually find your website helpful and visit regularly.

A higher CTR indicates that your website is doing well on search engines, and you can sleep peacefully. 

However, if there’s a decrease in your site’s CTR, you need to figure out the problems and solve them immediately to avoid further consequences.

Ranking Keywords & Pages

As the name suggests, these two sections show you the number of keywords and URLs for which your website is ranking.

If the number in these sections is high, it means that your website’s content matches the user’s search intent. But if the numbers are not too good, don’t worry, as RankWatch Console will help you with that.

Our Console can give you an overview of all relevant keywords generating traffic for your competitors, show you accidental search queries, and much more.

2. Filters

The filter section is quite distributed in Console’s dashboard. You can find the three major filters on top of the page: Date Range, Location, and Device.

You can select the date range for which you want to see the results. If you have connected your website for the first time, you’ll get retro data for 16 months!

While the location filter helps you target any specific country, the device filter helps you select the type of device (mobile, tablet, desktop) where you want to view your website’s performance.

Other advanced filters include Keyword filters that you can find below the performance tab. It contains filters such as:

  1. Ranking keywords
  2. Ranking declined
  3. Keywords left the 1st page
  4. Entered the first page
  5. Left the 1st page
  6. Started ranking
  7. Stopped ranking

You can select any of these filters and get more refined results.

3. Average Position Distribution Graph

Simply saying, the average position distribution graph shows you where exactly your website stands in the search engine based on the filters you have selected.

For example, in the above image, you can see that different sections of the graph are color-coded. When you hover around the first section, it will show you the number of keywords ranked between positions 4 to 10 in the selected date range.

The next section states the number of keywords ranking in positions 11 to 50 for the selected date range, and so on. This data gives you an overview of keyword positioning and areas you need to focus on.

For example, you can group the keywords ranking between 11 to 50, and with a little effort, they can bring lots of traffic to your page. Add them in the meta description, alt text, titles, etc., and you will gradually see the results.

4. Tabular Data

The tabular format that you get to see on our web search Console will be your greatest weapon. 

It contains all the numbers related to your website. You can view the impressions, clicks, and average CTR that a single keyword brings to your site.

In addition, you can also see the ranking URLs, positions, differences in clicks and impressions, and much more.

Besides, our tabular data is not limited to just 100 or 1000 rows like Google Search Engine Console. Instead, we have data for up to a million search queries of your website!

RankWatch SEO Console: A Lethal Weapon for SEO Enthusiasts

If used properly, RankWatch Console can be your greatest friend and the biggest enemy of your competitors. It can bring tons of benefits to your website, provide you with useful data, help you generate new ideas, improve your on-site SEO, and more!

Still don’t believe us? Here are some benefits of our SEO Console that will show you its potential.

1. View Up To Million Search Queries For Your Site!

One of the best traits of RankWatch Console is that it can take the form of a rank tracker

With this amazing tool, you can get data of up to a million search queries for which your site ranks on Google!

Based on this data, you can figure out keywords and search queries that are bringing traffic to your site, CTR, impressions, clicks, and other KPIs.

In addition to that, there are advanced filters like location and device, that can further refine your results and provide you with the required data.

You can download this data, analyze it and take future steps for the betterment of your site.

As RankWatch Console has a user-friendly interface, you don’t have to follow any complex steps to monitor your website’s health.

2. Slashing Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is a major problem that almost all SEO professionals face. But what exactly is keyword cannibalization, and how can RankWatch’s Search Console SEO help?

Simply stating, when two of your pages rank for the same search query or keyword, it’s known as keyword cannibalization. And no, it does not profit your website; rather, it deteriorates the SEO work that you have done.

When you see two of your pages ranking for the same keyword, it means that the search engine is confused as to which one is matching with the user’s search intent. It also confuses the user about which page will clear their doubts.

In RankWatch’s Search Console SEO, there’s a column called “Ranking URL Count,” which is the answer to this problem. 

The above-mentioned column states the number of URLs ranking for the same query or keyword. Upon clicking, you will get a list of all the URLs and their parameters.

You can figure out which pages are more suitable for the said query and how cannibalization is affecting their position. Based on this, you can start optimizing the content of other pages and check again to see if there are any changes.

3. Strengthening Your Site’s SEO Game

One of the main functions of RankWatch Console is to help you with content optimization. It provides you with data on the site’s ranking search queries and individual URLs. 

Apart from that, it also shows you accidental search queries for which your site is ranking on Google. Though the queries are relevant to your site, information is not present for the same.

Once you get data from the SEO Search Console, you can export and start working on them.

The keywords that do not appear even once on your site are the ones that you need to focus on. You can add them in meta descriptions, titles, headings, alt text, and more.

By optimizing the content based on this data, you can improve the chances of getting more organic and relevant traffic.

As a bonus, you can also combine our SEO IQ with Search Console SEO for content optimization. You can add the missing keywords in SEO IQ along your site’s URL. The tool will then analyze and provide you with 40+ parameters and areas where you can add them. 

Besides, SEO IQ also shows the top 10 competitor sites using the same keywords for ranking.

4. Formulate Creative Content Ideas

Yes, RankWatch’s web Search Console can help you generate new and creative content ideas! 

By exporting the search query data, you get details about all accidental keywords, long-tail keywords, question-based keywords, and much more.

Based on the above information, you can formulate content ideas for the upcoming month and so on. 

Besides, you can also look up those keywords on SEO IQ and figure out their potential and how they can benefit your website.

5. Lifetime Data Storage Commitment 

At RankWatch, we believe in a lifetime commitment and hence we provide you with a life-long repository of all your data.

Besides, you also get retro data for 16 months once you connect your site for the first time with us. In total, you get data from the past 16 months, present day, and data till the time you are with RankWatch.

6. Say No to Manual Keyword Clusters

Another useful benefit of using RankWatch’s SEO Search Console is automatic keyword grouping. Yes, you don’t have to manually group keywords for your site’s URLs anymore!! 

The SEO Console dashboard shows you URLs along with the total number of keywords for which they are ranking. By clicking on the numbers, you will get an overview of all the keywords present on the page.

Due to automation, there are fewer chances of mistakes that generally occur in a manual grouping.

7. Find Pages Ranking for Wrong Search Intent

One of the major problems that site developers face is when Google starts ranking their pages for wrong search intent. 

Due to this, the clicks and CTR for the said page decrease as users immediately leave the site after figuring that it doesn’t satisfy or meet their search query.

This is where the RankWatch’s Search Engine Console comes into play. The dashboard not only shows you keywords for which your page is ranking but also the wrong search queries that increase the page’s impressions.

You can export this data and start working with your team to remove the search queries from your site. One of the best ways to do this is by using the SEO IQ feature.

Enter the search query on SEO IQ along with your URL, and you will see the parameters or areas where the keywords are performing well. Based on this information, you can start de-optimizing your page for the said keywords.

8. Bringing Potential Keywords to the Table

Instead of figuring out potential keywords manually, let RankWatch’s Search Engine Console do all the work. The multi-stage filter can help you in finding these keywords easily.

Simply enter the data in the position column (say between 10 to 30). You will get keywords or search queries that fall between the positions and have pretty good impressions.

Note down the keywords and start working on them. With a little bit of on-page SEO efforts, these keywords can bring a lot of traffic to your website.

9. High CTR with Low Efforts

We have said time and again that RankWatch Console can improve your CTR opportunities.

As you know, our web Search Console shows you the top queries for every URL of your site, so you can use this information to your benefit. Enter the top search query keywords in our SEO IQ and let the tool score it.

After analysis, SEO IQ will provide you not only the score but also your top competitors and 40+ parameters on how to overcome them. 

Besides, you will also get detailed suggestions for improving on-page SEO for the said query, like including it on titles, subheadings, etc. 

Make sure to follow all the suggestions for your landing pages, after which you will see a change in your site’s CTR percentage.

Using RankWatch’s SEO Search Console: An Easy Guide

Using the RankWatch Console is extremely easy. We have curated this tutorial that will help you in using RankWatch Console.

All you have to do is enter the Email ID with which your website is connected. Select the date range, location, and device for which you want to see the results, and you are good to go.

You can get more details on the video tutorial that we have created.

RankWatch SEO Console is for everyone who wants to see their website rule Google’s search results page. It can bring great value to your website and help you overcome your competitors with grace. As usual, we are always there to help you and answer all your queries.

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