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Stay ahead of your competition by using Competitor Watch in RankWatch


Being in a competitive industry is what drives innovation and one should always keep enemies closer than friends.

In the Digital Marketing world, your enemies can be defined as any related website to yours which is ranking higher than you on SERP’s and is driving traffic away from your website. Based on this, Competitor Analysis can be a very useful tool to have in your arsenal.

With the launch of RankWatch Mach 4.0, we have revolutionized the way competitor analysis can be carried out within minutes and gain vital information on your immediate competition through a single interface.

Some of the things you need to analyze about your competition are:

1.  Who are they?
2.  What are they up to?
3.  What can we do better?

RankWatch does exactly these things for you.

  1. Who are they? – RankWatch’s advanced algorithm identifies and informs you about all the websites who are currently ranking higher for the keywords you are currently optimizing or tracking.  This will provide you with a clearly defined set of websites who are ranking above yours using the same set of keywords.
  2. What are they up to? – RankWatch has the ability to track all the ad campaigns your competitors are running for the same set of keywords you are currently optimizing or tracking. This will allow you to calculate within minutes, which keywords you need to focus on and start ad campaigns for.
  3. What can we do better? – Once you identify your competitors and their marketing campaigns, you can strategize your efforts better and make more informed decisions targeting those keywords or search engines that you feel require most attention and will get you the best ROI.

In order to set this up on RankWatch, just follow these simple steps:

Check out the Ads they are running.


If you need any further information on Competitor Analysis, feel free to drop a line at

As the Head of Strategies and Planning at RankWatch, Devanshu is also an avid reader and loves his technology. Spending at an average of 4 hours a day, he instills himself with the latest tech related news and insights. Aspiring to be a author of a technology coursebook for young entrepreneurs, Devanshu is leading in the right direction.

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