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Free Website Link Count Checker Tool

Find all links on a website by submitting the URL to RankWatch's Website Link Checker Tool.

About Website Link Checker & Tool?

The most hectic task for webmasters and marketers is to find total links related to a site; they need to find external links, internal links, and also the number of dead links. 

Recording and creating such a database is not an easy task to do. It requires both your time and efforts. In order to save both of these essential elements for every marketer, one needs to use the online Website Link Checker Tool. It quickly produces a list of your site's every internal and external link and ultimately, saves you a lot of time.

After producing the report, you should study it extensively to determine the strength of your site's backlink profile. It is through the backlinks that the bots identify the quality of your site. 

Therefore, it only makes it necessary for the marketers to use  a website link analyzer every month and gauge the performance of their link building strategies.

Also, while you are going through the total link report produced by the Website Link Counter, you will notice that additional information has also been provided for both the external links and internal links category. There's information related to each link's anchor text, content type -textual or visual (image etc.), and the nature of every link; if they are no-follow or do-follow.

What are Internal and External Links?

When you perform a site link counter test on RankWatch's Link Checker Tool, you will find the results bifurcated into two categories: Internal Links, and External Links.

You may as well call this tool an Internal Link Checker or an External Link Checker because the Website Link Scanner does an in-depth link analysis on both forms of links.

Internal and external links very are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The former is a part of On-page SEO whereas the latter is an essential element of Off-page SEO. Let's study the purpose of each separately and understand in detail the need to use a Website Link Checker:

Internal Links

When you link one of your web pages with other pages of your own site, it is called Internal Linking. And as previously mentioned, internal links can boost a site's SEO but only when the web of internal links run deep into your site.

Depending on the connectivity of your web pages with other pages on your site, you will be able to make your site's navigation easy for your visitors. And for the search engine bot, the crawl will be broad and in-depth. This will result in more of your web pages getting ranked in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

External Links

When sites other than yours link to your website, It is called External Linking. In order to build external links, you need to grab as many opportunities as possible to get a link back to your domain.

Every business has a different link building strategy, however, the most effective and common one of those is through  Guest Posting, Social Media, and forums. If numerous credible websites link to your site, it that indicates the crawler about your site being trustworthy. So, it ranks you higher and higher in the SERPs.

Note: External links are also known as Inbound Links.

And that's how vital internal and external links are.

Also, if you ever wonder how to check internal links of a website or perhaps the external links, you can use the free online website link checker tool.

Effect of Dofollow and NoFollow Links?

Other than listing out the internal and external links concerning your site, RankWatch's Site Link Checker Tool represents data related to the nature of those links if they are dofollow links or nofollow links.

Dofollow and Nofollow links concerns just the inbound links. Every link directed to your site from other domains is either nofollow or dofollow. It depends on the site about the nature of links they are willing to provide you.

If a domain provides you with a nofollow link, then the crawler will undoubtedly be directed to crawling your site; however, no link juice is transferred in the process. And without the link juice, your rankings won't budge, and neither does your domain authority.

Dofollow links, on the other hand, does the opposite. When a domain gives your site dofollow links, it authorises the crawler and the search engine to provide link juice to your domain. And that leads to increased rankings and domain authority. 

Our Website Link Scanner tool is not just a link checker; it is also a nofollow and dofollow link checker.

Importance of Internal & External Links Checker?

It is necessary for every webmaster and marketer to keep track of how their strategies are performing. And one of the most essential strategies amongst them all is Link Building. It can impressively boost your site's rankings to the #1 position in the SERPs when coupled appropriately with the other elements of SEO.

When webmasters start tracking the links and their success, they spend a lot of time while manually identifying each and every link. With our free link counter tool, you can find links to your website within seconds. 

Plus, in one go, you will know about the sites that have given you nofollow and dofollow links. Also, you will gain knowledge about the dead links as well that return 404 errors.

How to use Website Link Checker Tool?

Using our tool is not rocket science, it is one of the easiest ways to extract link data. Just enter the link of the site you want to track link data of and the tool will produce the report of every link within seconds and that too, for free.

There are other tools just like the Online Website Link Checker that are free for everyone to use. They are Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Density Checker, and Word Counter Tool.