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Free Reciprocal Link Checker Tool

Enter your domain along with the domains of your partners in the Reciprocal Link Checker Tool to find reciprocal link data between both the parties.

About Reciprocal Link Checker Tool?

When seeking a Guest Posting opportunity there are numerous websites that will only link to your domain when you do the same. However, sometimes after the link has been created, sites don't stand up to their side of the bargain and remove the link after certain months or years. And that's what free Reciprocal Link Checker Tool by RankWatch does, it helps you keep track of your partner websites about whether they have removed the link to your domain or not.

If there has been an understanding between both the parties regarding a mutual link exchange, then it is only necessary that they follow the same and not remove the link. The Reciprocal Link Checker by RankWatch has an advanced algorithm that allows it to crawl a complete website in a matter of seconds and find the anchor text that the other parties have used for linking to your domain. However, you need to provide your domain along with the domains of the partner sites before the Reciprocal Finder can find data related to each and every reciprocal link -it's presence and absence, and if present, then link to the page where it has been linked.

What is a Reciprocal?

Backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO. It is through the quality and quantity of backlinks that the search engines bots analyze your site and position them in the Search Engine Result Pages. More quality links result in increasing domain authority as well as the trust. 

Reciprocal link building is a strategy that is used by nearly every online business for generating more backlinks i.e, more inbound links leading to your site.

There are several online businesses that have partnered with the in the market and each party is consistently involved in linking to their partner domains and build reciprocal links. 

For instance, let's say you have a site called who have partnered with a site called for Reciprocal Link building. So whenever, RankWatch writes a blog and captures the niche of Digital Web Solutions, they will link to their (DWS) site or blog and vice versa.

After both the parties have linked to each other, they can perform regular checks with the Reciprocal Link Checker, to determine if the links have been deleted by the other party or not.

Importance of Reciprocal Linking in SEO?

Link Building is the essence of off-page SEO. It is through this process that the search engine bot can analyze how authentic a site is. If more quality links are linking to your website, then in the view of the bot, the site is trustworthy. And Reciprocal link building is an essential part of the link building strategy, and that makes reciprocal linking important for SEO.

There's another benefit of reciprocal linking i.e, that It can help a new website get discovered.

For instance, you have launched a new site and you have done SEO on it but it requires recognition and ranking to finally generate traffic. So, it is more than necessary that you start building backlinks. And reciprocal link building can really help with doing that. You can approach a website and convince them to give you backlinks in return for backlinks. Otherwise, you can also purchase backlinks if by estimating the approximate price of a domain.

Through backlinks, you can improve rankings of your site and get positioned higher in the SERPs. Apart from that, backlinks have the power of increasing your domain authority and higher domain authority implies more trust.

How to use Reciprocal Link Checker tool?

Similar to our other tools be it, Word Counter Tool, Word Combiner Tool, Spell Checker tool, or Plagiarism checker tool, using the Reciprocal Link Checker tool is not a hard task after all.

You need to just provide information related to your domain along with five other domains you want to check reciprocal links.

There are nearly 1.8 billion websites in the world right now and their numbers keep on increasing with every next second. And not every website gains recognition, so they seek the reciprocal link building strategy. 

Let's assume that you have partnered with a lot of websites and have continuously been exchanging links, and you want to check if they are still present or not. Would be willing to do that manually? There are so many websites' out there. Using the Reciprocal link checker will only make it easier for you to get reciprocal link data. And if you ask 'what is a reciprocal link?'the answer has already been provided to you above.

Find Reciprocal Link URL's with our Reciprocal Link Checker Tool?

When you provide the tool with 5 partner domains, the tool not only provides you with a yes or no answer related to the presence of reciprocal links. But also, it provides you with the URLs of Reciprocal links. This helps you to get the proven information related to their presence.

Why and when to use our Reciprocal Link Checker?

So, after knowing what is a reciprocal link? and its benefits, you must know why and when to use RankWatch's Reciprocal Link Checker.

Why should you use our Reciprocal Link Checker?

If you have partnered with another website for link sharing and you need to see which of those website's have stood by their end of the bargain, you can check that using our tool. Plus, using our tool is absolutely free and easy to use. It produces results within seconds and you can check reciprocal links to your site whenever you want.

When should you use our Reciprocal Link Checker?

To answer it simply, you should use a reciprocal link checker whenever you are doubtful about whether your partners have included a link to your site on their website or not.