A new Dimension to SEO without Backlinks

June 1, 2023 | Link Building

Dimension to SEO without Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the technique to show your online presence is among us for several years, but we have witnessed a lot of changes in this time to time. The reason behind the change is the update in Google algorithms that are made to keep the good websites in the top positions. Some methods are used for this purpose, among which the building of backlinks is supposed to be the most prominent one. But, as a matter of fact, there are some other methods also, which can be used to increase the ranking of a website. Many professionals think it’s impossible to do SEO without backlinks, which is far from the truth. It has experimented several times that there are many more methods other than backlinks, which can be used to take your website at the top positions over the search engines.

Here are some of the SEO tips that can be used to do SEO without link building.

Consider How Much Mobile Friendly Your Website Is

According to a current SEO rule, your websites should also be mobile friendly. In the past few years, the trend of accessing the internet over the mobile phone has increased a lot. So, it has been made necessary to make the website in a way that it could be opened on the small screen of handsets. A large number of sites today have a different mobile-friendly version; however, stuff remains the same. Apart from this requirement, the mobile friendliness is also a useful tool to do SEO without backlinks. First, Google gives priority to the mobile-friendly websites if they also fulfill the criteria of quality.

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Another thing is that a large number of visitors open the websites on their mobile phones, so if your site is mobile friendly, it gets more traffic. The users who like your website visit it several times on their phone whenever they desire. Moreover, as Google gives priority to such websites, your site gets more and more traffic through search, which makes the ranking of your website consistent.

Website Should Be Loaded Quickly

The loading speed of your page also impacts the ranking of your site. It was announced by Google in 2010 that the speed would also affect the ranking of your website. Moreover, if your web pages take a lot of time in loading, they unnecessary waste the time of the users, which irritates them. So, some users like to close your website. The ideal load time for a site remains 3 seconds.

There Should Be Schema Text

The text should be categorically organized with relevant information. Most of the users are willing to read the information that is relevant to them first. So, the schema text is helpful in increasing the popularity of a website, which further raises the ranking of a website.

SSL Security (https) for Websites

Around 68% of internet users believe security as their right. However, Google has a strict stance about the privacy of the users, but for advanced security, Google announced HTTPS as a ranking signal in the year 2014. HTTPS provides a secure connection to the internet users. So, this is a way to keep the website on good ranking without building backlinks.

Usage of Meta Tags

Meta tags do not appear on the web pages. Instead, they appear in the coding sections of the pages. They are the snippets of the text, which describe page content. These Meta tags can be seen in the coding section, which can be viewed by clicking “view source” option in the right-click menu. These Meta tags are very helpful in the ranking. There are four types of Meta tags, which are Meta keywords attributes, title tags, Meta description attributes, and Meta robots attributes.

Long Tail Keywords

The long tail keywords are supposed to be a better way to connect with the customers. These are the specific keyword phrases, which customers are likely to use. These keywords are the helpful tools to take your website to top ranking over search engines. However, sometimes these keywords are used on some external sites with backlinks, but these specific phrases also work without backlinks. So, we can consider them too like the ranking factors without link building.

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Add Worth Reading Content

The worth reading content is also a source to raise the ranking of a website. So, it is one of the tips for SEO without backlinks. The quality of content is measured in two ways – how efficiently it is written and how much information has been added to it. The quality of content is one of the aspects, for which Google algorithms give marks to your website. So you need to add good quality content on your site.

Adding the Keywords at Some Specific Areas of Written Content

As already mentioned, keywords are one of the aspects, which play a vital role in providing a good ranking to your website. If you use the keyword in some specific areas of your written content, then it may help your site to be on good ranking. If the keyword is added to the title, then it may be helpful, but always remember that it should not look unnatural. Similarly, the keyword in the first paragraph of the content may also help, but here the even same rule is applicable as in the title. To save the keyword from sounding unnatural, it is often recommended to avoid the keyword in the first sentence.

Use Graphical Content like Images and Videos on the Websites

The graphical content such as images and videos are also the perfect tools to enhance your website ranking. The users can understand the things more comfortably through graphics. The video presentations are the ways to tell the individuals about your businesses, products or services. The videos can be uploaded over websites, or you can upload the videos on video hosting websites like YouTube and can embed the videos on your site.

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The images related to your products, the place of your business, etc. also play a prominent role in making your website attractive. The pictures of your company logos are helpful for your enterprise in the long term. The graphic content is useful in increasing the popularity of your websites, so it is recommended as an SEO strategy without building backlinks.

Keep on Updating the Content Time to Time

This is one more thing that is ideal for SEO process. If you provide fresh content to your website, it is supposed to be good for the website ranking. If you are using the same content for years, then your site can be considered to be inactive. But, it is not a practical approach to change the content of web pages too frequently. The solution for this is maintaining a blog space on your website. You need to add a new post to your blog at least once a week. You can change the content of the web pages once in 6 months or in 1 year. Besides, if you launch a new product or service, then you can add a new page, which may also be helpful in providing fresh content to your website. Time to time, you may do little changes and can correct typos if there are any. However, you need to avoid the typos in the first attempt as the mistakes give adverse impact to the websites.


So, there is no doubt that the concept of SEO without backlinks is setting the new dimension. Backlinks still have significance, but it is a myth if someone says that SEO can’t exist without them. Benefits of SEO without backlinks lie in the fact that sometimes links added unnaturally can penalize your website, which can be prevented with the help of this “SEO without backlinks” concept.

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