Best Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes for 2018

July 8, 2023 | UI & UX

Google AdSense

Just imagine you are generating a consistent income simply by posting advertisements on your blog or website. Just pay some writers to generate quality content while you just sit back and manage the whole operation from your home or office. Actually this is the goal of most of the blogging websites. If you want to witness it happening, a Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme is a great way to do it.

Creating and implementing an AdSense strategy is one of the best way for startups to create an extra income stream. But not all find it easy to start it as for some of them it might be too difficult to accomplish. In this article, I will tell you about how to do it and you can see it happening.

You understand very well that using WordPress theme is the best way to make a website today. There is no need to hire a costly website developer to make your site from scratch. You can just select a template that you like and which works fine and you can start adding content on it. Most of the WordPress themes are optimized to support Google AdSense which makes it easier for you to start earning from your site.

When you are selecting a theme, you should make sure that it supports AdSense.

As you know, AdSense optimization is a great way to increase your click-through rate, by doing some changes. Some of the things like placement of adverts and the size of the ads are also important although they might seem like trivial things. Many companies are working to deliver the WordPress themes which are optimized to boost your click-through rate. The main aim is to get the perfect balance between adverts and content.

Right now AdSense is the easiest method for simple websites like blogs, magazine, forums and news to earn any type of money as it doesn’t require much of the technical knowledge to set these up and use. If you have just started your own blog or if you want to monetize it I will recommend to use AdSense. AdSense and SEO work together and you can get higher cost per click from organic traffic which comes from Google than from social or direct traffic as organic traffic is more targeted. With this in mind you must be wanted to check these brilliant SEO friendly WordPress Themes. Now let’s talk about AdSense optimized WordPress themes. Here we are giving you a list of the best themes which are well designed and provide a great user experience and has a good code base.

  1. MH Magazine

MH Magazine

MH Magazine is a fully mobile responsive AdSense optimized WordPress theme that can make sure that your website generate click-based revenue irrespective of the devices your site visitors are using. Some of the features of MH Magazine are:- various custom widgets for enhancing and upgrading your sidebars, footers and other widgetized areas in your site. This theme also has many advanced content layouts, full color control over your website and many customization options.

This theme also lets you easily arrange the elements of your front-page using a user friendly drag and drop interface. The important part of any website monetized by advertising is how much easy it is to manage and display those ads on your website. Fortunately, MH Magazine has many ad locations of all shapes and sizes and 26 widget areas for displaying your AdSense to your visitors. Whatever type of website you are building, MH Magazine can cover your requirements.

  1. Jannah


Jannah is a WordPress magazine theme which is best for earning money from Googloe AdSense. Jannah is a blogging and magazine theme which is preferred and liked by large number of people. Jannah has a pre-built website demo which can be imported into your WordPress installation in few clicks, whatever type of your publishing content is. whether it is about travel, health, sports or gadgets. When you are publishing a new article, you can select from a library of content template to make sure it looks nice. Jannah also provides various customization settings and options for e.g. When you are setting your website, you can select from different header designs and layouts. Hundreds of fonts are available for use in this theme. The size of page layout can be easily customized to make sure your website looks amazing and your site earns maximum ad revenue.

Your audience can access and view the site from a full screen or a smartphone device, it will work fine on all screens. There is a customizable mobile navigation which makes it easy to create menus for smartphone users and AMP compatibility will make sure your content loads fast on the mobile devices. You can also activate the mobile notifications features. This Google AdSense optimized theme has so many features to offer.

  1. FlyMag Pro

flymag pro

FlyMag Pro is a great and feature rich WordPress theme for magazines and blogs. This theme has awesome design, well organized content and various visual elements which makes it very attractive. It also has beautiful widgets, sliders and video embeds and provides many custom widgets, including widgets that work as ad banners hence you can add as many ads as you want on your site anywhere. FlyMag Pro has a responsive design and integration for WordPress Product Review plugin which enables you to make great reviews, unlimited colors, a breaking news ticker, Ad widgets and features sliders.

  1. Spartan


Spartan is a WordPress AdSense theme which is created for magazines and news websites which offers lots of interactivity. This theme has many widgets: social media button, sections having most popular articles, photo and video galleries and comments and tags areas among others. This theme is mainly for health related sites including categories like travel, nature and sports. The ad banners can be placed anywhere in the site on both homepage and inside articles as well. In this theme the homepage has two ad banners, at the bottom and at the top and also it has unlimited colors, sidebars, widgets and customizable images. This theme is fully responsive and has inbuilt login/registration form. It is also SEO optimized and has many more other features.

  1. TruePixel


The creator of TruePixel is MyThemeShop team, the developers which have created many fastest WordPress themes till date. If you are looking for fast loading websites without the need to sacrifice design or the features then their highly optimized themes are best fit for you which you can try. To make TruePixel load quickly, MyThemeShop has created a selection of optimized widgets for the sidebar area. This includes many ad space widgets for publishing AdSense or any other advert on your website easily. This theme has been designed for bloggers but it also comes with two different layout options which give you an extra level of flexibility about how your website will look and how it is structured. Both of its layouts have more focus on encouraging social sharing and also letting your content take the center stage. This theme has code in very simple and clean format and awesome, interactive design which has been optimized for  increased click through rates of your adverts and also for improved and faster website performance.

  1. Newspaper


Newspaper theme has been created for websites which feature a continuous stream of content. This content can be news, high frequency blog or reviews. This theme also has a strong support for embedding YouTube videos, making it great for real multimedia. Using this theme, the readers can provide feedback on your content by using the rating system. Whether you are an experienced WordPress user or a novice, you will find the Newspaper theme an easy to use AdSense optimized theme. In this theme there is a good support for displaying adverts like from AdSense and HTML banners and if you really want to expand the scope of your website then the developers of this theme have already made sure that it integrates well with the top most social networking, discussion forum and e-commerce plugins. You can publish your adverts with the Newspaper theme with as ease as adding the code to the relevant boxes and then letting the theme to do the rest. Newspaper theme automatically detects the Google AdSense code and makes sure that those advertisements are displayed responsively for readers on all types of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Recently a tagDiv composer drag and drop page builder tool has been added into the Newspaper 8 theme which gives you can easy way to customize your website.

Newspaper theme has very large collection of layouts/templates and provides you with maximum flexibility about how your content will be published and how your advertisements will be displayed.


We have just discussed the best AdSense optimized WordPress themes for the year 2018. The best among these can be debated but you can choose anyone from the above list and you will get the maximum CTR for Google responsive ads or banners. Select your favorite high CTR theme and let your website earn a substantial income for you.

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  1. I have heard some really good things about Jennah theme. Woukd surely give it a try. Thanks for the list!

  2. Thanks to the recommendations here, I was able to revamp my website and saw a significant boost in my Google Adsense earnings. The themes suggested in this post were not only user-friendly but also beautifully designed, which enhanced the overall look of my site. Kudos to the author for sharing such valuable insights!

  3. These 6 Google Adsense optimized WordPress themes not only boosted my site’s performance but also significantly increased my ad revenue. Thanks to your recommendations, I saw a noticeable boost in clicks and earnings. Keep up the fantastic work, and I can’t wait to see what other gems you have in store for us in the future.

  4. Your recommendations here made a significant difference in my website’s revenue. The themes you suggested were not only visually appealing but also incredibly user friendly, making it easy to implement and manage ads effectively. It’s amazing how the right theme can impact your income. Looking forward to more updated recommendations.

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