Get To Know Nikhil Agarwal, Co-Founder & Director Of IS Global Web

September 23, 2022 | Interview

Nikhil is the Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy at IS Global Web, a leading digital marketing agency that provides world-class search marketing services and web & application development. He has extensive experience across digital marketing verticals for over the past 9 years. He is dynamic, versatile, result-driven and an innovative digital marketing professional. He is contributing his efforts for many businesses for their search traffic, conversion optimization, product launches and their online presence to make them successful.

Hey! Before We Start, Could You Quickly Tell Us About Yourself And Briefly Describe Your Role At Your Company?

Co-Founder and Director at IS Global Web

What were your initial thoughts and planning before starting your own company?

Well! Before starting my firm, for me initial thoughts like I was quite serious about the future work challenges, financial management, and of course, including hidden objectives to gain by setting a new firm.


I am a creative approach maker and believe in implementing the same professionally. When I trust, corporate ethics and professionalism, it turns out me a loyal Entrepreneur. Grabbing projects from prospective clients like SME’s (Small and Medium Scale Enterprise) and embrace them by offering magnificent and advanced digital marketing strategies were the key points of my startup plan.


Later on, develop my concentration for hiring new employees intended to enhance company size. This precise story is all about my initial phase, the so-called “Future Entrepreneur”.

How Difficult Was It For You To Find New Clients For Your Company When It Started And What Was Your Revenue For The First Year?

It had been challenging for me just because of many well existing service providers were already there in the market. And it was very tough to influence any new clients for my company. So I started calling my friends and known corporate colleagues, had a conversation with them and successfully converted as my clients. Further, I promoted my firm and began sending offers to all prospective and potential customers. This way, I was being succeeded in grabbing the new client’s inquiry for the company. My initial revenue was approx — 40 to 50 lacs per annum.

What Was That One Campaign That Did Wonders For Your Brand? In Other Words What Helped You Kick Start Your Revenue Growth?

We offered services at an advanced level and implemented all skills to revive our clients from many crucial issues. “Benham and Reeves UK” one of my clients which previously were being promoted by one of UK digital agencies. This client had been struggling for a long time with Google penalty issues. We were able to diagnose the website from the penalty and make it worth capable of generating traffic, keywords ranking and online leads for the client. One of the other clients “Holiday Inn, Dubai” this client was facing thin content and unnatural link problems. I executed and implemented one of the most excellent link building and content marketing strategies and save it from any further penalty cases. These both clients’ scratch to top-level digital marketing strategies and their successful implementation supported me for bringing company revenue at a higher level.

How Did You Get Introduced To Digital Marketing, More Specifically SEO?

I used to read about digital marketing articles related to all the tactics. I was keen, passionate about my digital marketing roles in the industry. Later, I was being joined as on the content marketing profile. Next, came to know about content optimization and hence sound with term ‘SEO’ and it was like the soul of all online business. And, started deeply in SEO.

How Do You Think SEO Has Changed Over The Last 10 Years? And, How Do You Think the Year 2019 Will Shape Up For SEO Industry?

SEO, vital nutrition for the website to makeover in search appearance and on the top finding of search engine results. In the last 10 years, we have been observing constant changes in SEO from Google algorithm updates, SEO, key element values, off-page SEO activities to the role of Content marketing. These days, SEO majorly focuses on artificial intelligence, Voice Search Optimization, and how tactfully content implementation is done on the website. SEO just switched over from Black hat to White SEO strategies, where all Spamming is banned as per Google Webmaster Guidelines. These years, we are focusing on contextual link sharing, website speed performance, responsiveness, and many other tactics.


Google local search optimization has also become a popular trend for SMEs and many other commercial sector companies. Interesting to know, SEO further evolution, advancement and implementation in coming time. Hope so, would be more interesting and technically inclined.

What Are The Services You Provide To Your Clients And What Do You Think Makes Your Business Stand Out Among Your Competitors?

We deliver scratch to higher-level digital marketing services to the clients, which include SEO, PPC, CRO, Response Web Design, Mobile App Development, Website Design and Development. We enhance our services offering Email marketing, Affiliate, Social Media & paid advertising services for each channel.


I am unique at our core features in terms of customer handling and relationship management. I generally believe in retaining customers for a long time by rendering exceptional and prompt services towards them. I think each client wants to generate revenue by propagating online business. They often look for the services where they can create more enquiries and turns into many more sales. And, I genuinely accomplish all the projects to successfully rendering to the clients.

Everybody Knows What You Have Achieved, I Would Like To Talk About Your Failure Stories And How They Impacted Your Professional Life. (As We Know Rome Was Not Built In A Day)

I achieved a lot, but my pits and falls taught me more than my success. I always try to give my 100% effort to meet clients’ requirement. In case they are not satisfied with my services at the moment, I started learning more about my analysis, skill implementation, and in-depth project strategies. It tells me about the evaluation, which is created by my client whatever they are looking, whether for some typical challenges of small things; I must come up with being fitted solution cum response. At least, I learned to deliver all possible values to the customers with maximum output. My moto, you can say is “Do Something as Customer calls you “Wow”. Strategically flaws make me better Digital Marketing strategist.

What Features Do You Think Are Missing In Mainstream SEO Tools? Are There Any Processes You’d Love To See Automated?

It’s interesting discussing SEO, tools and automated website audit results — lots of advantages, like a time-saving, prepared report, good and depth analysis, etc. Meantime, if we observe missing features about any skill/particular SEO parameters, I get hardly any function which we could not be able to automate. I usually prefer manually site audit to brush up my SEO depth and proficiency level. Despite these, I will emphasize AI (in terms of SEO) and Voice Search Optimization report complete features should include in SEO tools displaying automated results.

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