A Complete Guide-Book on Shopify SEO 2023

October 6, 2023 | E-Commerce

Shopify is an e-commerce development platform that has gained rapid popularity in the market for its quick and simple interface and easy-to-use attributes. 

Despite attaining this excellence, modern developers and SEO professionals are trying hard to boost maximum traffic, sales, and profit margin to your Shopify store.

This fundamental process can be termed Shopify search engine optimization. 

Incorporating responsive design, setting up Google analytics, and inculcating Google search console data; all these initiatives can be listed in SEO for Shopify stores at a broad scale. 

Thus, in this blog, we shall have a detailed analysis of Shopify store SEO optimization, the list of benefits that it offers, and the unimaginable business opportunities and expansion that it can bring for you. 

Let’s march forward! 

What is Shopify SEO? Know the Vitality of SEO for Shopify Store

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Any SEO hack that is specifically applied to scale up the Shopify platform is Shopify SEO. Thus, in order to optimize your e-commerce website so that your store relevantly ranks higher in the SERP algorithm, the practice of Shopify SEO optimization. 

Now, let us evaluate why Shopify website SEO is important for today’s evolving E-commerce businesses. 

Better Search Engine Ranking 

To improve the SERP ranking of your e-commerce app store, it is essential for you to adopt an effective Shopify SEO strategy. The better the Google search engine ranking, the more buyer engagement, lead generation, and conversion rate of visitors. 

Mobile Device Compatibility

Today 90% of users prefer shopping via mobile devices. Shopify search engine optimization broadly focuses on making the platform compatible with mobile users. The more time spent on your platform, the higher the revenue margin. 

Here, RankWatch comes with a bonus. It gives you a mobile friendliness test with the help of its free tool that helps you conduct a mobile device compatibility test of your E-commerce website. 

You just need to enter the URL along with the email address and click on “Run Test.” The tool will automatically crawl over your domain URL and generate a report based on your website’s traits.

Screenshot of RankWatch mobile friendly checker tool

Next, you can work on the weak areas to scale up your website for mobile device compatibility. 

Higher Website Security

Today, no platform would sustain long-term growth if they are under the constant threat of malicious attacks and cybercrime. Shopify search engine optimization not only entails better user experience but also converges the focus on uplifting the security parameter. 

Complete Performance Analysis

Despite having expert and talented resources, you need to ensure that your e-commerce app store is experiencing exponential growth. This paves the path for the need for an end-to-end performance analysis which is broadly possible with Shopify search engine optimization.

You can also use the SEO IQ feature of RankWatch to evaluate the performance of your website. Post analyzing multiple page elements like keywords, characters, size, speed, snippets, etc., you can fetch the IQ score that depicts the SEO performance of your website.

Screenshot of RankWatch SEO IQ

4 Significant Guidelines on SEO for the Shopify Website

The four important guidelines for Shopify SEO are:

General SEO

It basically involves the optimization practice to target the audience at a broader scale. Some significant Shopify general SEO practices are:

Get Customized Domain 

A customized domain gives an entirely different level of self-identification to your website. It looks professional and appealing, with high CTR and SEO performance. 

Have Responsive Themes 

Responsive themes and designs are the essential vitamins of your website. A fast and responsive page design has often been the reason for unimaginable conversion numbers. 

RankWatch gives you a list of free image editing tools that can help you build responsive themes and designs to accomplish better Shopify website SEO of your site.

Use Apps and Plugins

Shopify apps and plugins like Yoast SEO, Schema Plus, Avada SEO suit, etc., are best for the SEO upliftment of your E-commerce platform. 

Set Analytics

An analytical dashboard will give you a constant update on multiple e-commerce parameters that determine the success of your website. A comprehensive report on SEO for Shopify metrics is vital for your team to adopt new strategies and leave obsolete ones. 

The analytics dashboard of RankWatch gives you actionable insights like Alexa rank, Google index, backlink counts, ranking keywords, top-ranking domains, anchor text, URLs, and much more.

All these data are enough to mark the effectiveness of your SEO for the Shopify website effort.

Screenshot of RankWatch analytics

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an essential component of website optimization. Some of the best on-page SEO practices to boost the Shopify websites are: 

Keyword Analysis

Without end-to-end keyword research, Shopify site optimization is nearly impossible. You have to identify and apply the keywords that are closely related to your product and services. 

The keyword analysis section of RankWatch gives you insights on keyword suggestions, organic keywords, search volume, CPC, competition, and much more. These keywords are productive enough to foster a Shopify SEO guide strategy.

Screenshot of RankWatch keyword research

Optimize URLs

To make the search engine understand the content of the page that can derive an improved lead generation and SERP ranking, URL optimization is of utmost importance. The best way is to keep the URLs short, composed of necessary keywords, and deprived of irrelevant terms. 

Set Blog Page

The constant fresh content posted on the blog page is a significant Shopify website SEO guideline. An SEO-optimized blog engages new visitors with data-centric information that can influence their buying decisions. 

Off-Page SEO

Let’s see which off-page SEO practices are best for the elevation of Shopify SEO. 

Get PR Services 

PR campaigns are significant for adding value to SEO for Shopify. To increase brand recognition and profit margin, digital marketers are invariably relying on PR activities. 

Adopt Link-building Strategy

Backlinking and interlinking are critical for SERP ranking. It enables you to build strong relationships with other websites that eventually lead to better authority and lead volume of your e-commerce website.

Technical SEO

Finally, technical SEO is also important for the better performance of any website. You must check out the technical SEO for Shopify, which is mostly required for modern websites. 

Strengthen Website Navigation 

Good website navigation brings an easy journey for the users, streamlines product and service categories, addresses customer queries, and much more. Thus adding better website navigation is a technical accomplishment in regard to SEO for Shopify. 

Add Reviews

A Shopify SEO guide consultant would always suggest you add reviews on store products and services. Better reviews attract more customers resulting in better revenue generation. 

Audit Website

With the change in Google’s algorithm, the website’s credibility would also change. Thus, a comprehensive website audit would possibly unveil the flaws and improvement areas for better results. 

RankWatch gives you website audit facilitation, and as a result, you get innumerable flaws, issues, and insights like HTTP status code distribution, issues from high to low, page depth, page response time distribution, and non-indexable pages.

Screenshot of RankWatch site auditor

You can also use the free website SEO analysis tool feature of RankWatch to get a customized website check-up report that includes insights like page speed, visitors, estimated traffic, global ranking, major & moderate errors, Google previews, and much more. 

These website audit takeaways are helpful in strengthening the SEO for Shopify strategies.

5 Important Practices Before Getting Shopify SEO Optimization Checklist

Illustration of best Shopify practice checklist

Let’s check out the most viable practices that must be inculcated before getting Shopify SEO optimization. 

Incorporate Keywords in Metas

While creating the Shopify websites, don’t miss out on using keywords in the meta tags and descriptions. This will make your site visible to potential customers.

Optimize Product URLs

The product page is the core strength of the E-commerce business. Unoptimized product URLs are the ones that can certainly bring doomsday to your website. 

Add ALT Text Images 

Visually appealing images are a vital element for the Ecommerce website. Now, these images can be made readable to Google Bots by adding ALT text images. Alt image text is helpful for image SEO, making the given image rank higher in image search results and Google images. 

Publish HQ Content 

The effectiveness of the website’s SEO is directly proportional to the quality of the content. Thus, you need to make sure that your content is well-eloquoted, information-driven, and centers around respective products and services. 

Summing Up!

With the above discussion, we can jump to the conclusion that SEO should be an inevitable approach for running a Shopify store. Any marketing agency that has enough Shopify SEO guide experience can help you achieve the goal. However, RankWatch comes up with some additional features and benefits that can make you witness rapid acceleration and better growth. 

With a list of free tools that are charged by most of the market service providers, you are certain to add up extra ammunition in the arsenal!

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