5 Excellent Hacks to Lay Foundation for Website Architecture

January 17, 2024 | Technical SEO

In case you are looking forward to accelerating your website traffic and conversion rate, website architecture is the first vertical that you have to sincerely work on. 

It should be developed in a way that the web pages are well-organized, well-connected, well-structured, and well-interlinked. 

When it comes to making the search engine identify, crawl, and index your website, the website structure becomes the quantum approach for any digital marketer. 

So, let’s dig down into the topic of website architecture more in detail. 

What is Website Architecture? 

So, as we discussed above, website architecture is the framework or a defined hierarchical structure in which the web pages are organized and connected to each other. 

A good site structure makes your website more discoverable, user-friendly, and easily navigable, with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the pages of your website. 

What are the Types of Website Architecture?

After knowing the proper definition of website structure, you must evolve with the knowledge of its types and categories. This will also help you figure out the right structure for your website.

So, the four fundamental types of web structure are:

Hierarchical Website Structure

Hierarchical website structure

Also called the tree model, the hierarchical SEO structure is the most understandable and comprehensive site architecture, where there is a parent home page followed by the child subpages. 

You simply have to follow the top-to-bottom approach for navigating the website and fetching the required information. 

Linear Website Structure

Linear website structure

Also called the sequential model, this design offers SEO of site structure that has no parent or home page. Devoid of categories and subcategories, you directly get access to the very first page in a single go.

This page architecture has the least maintenance expenses, and most local businesses count on multiple models of SEO architecture. 

Webbed Website Structure

Webbed website structure

Webbed website structure, also called the network model, is designed in such a way that there is a fundamental home page, followed by multiple subpages, and all subpages are interlinked with each other. 

Database Website Structure

Database website structure

This web structure offers you a database model, giving dynamic and personalized experiences to the users as per the given credentials fed by the users. 

For instance, mobile banking applications, where the users feed their respective details to fetch information like account balance, credit card dues, personalized loan offers, checkbook status, and much more. 

How is Website Architecture Significant From an SEO Point of View? 

As we discussed above, the acceleration of indexing and crawling speed depends on your website’s SEO architecture. 

There is a big role of site structure in SEO. A good website architecture directly impacts the SEO upliftment of your website. 

So, the better the website structure, the higher the possibility of your domain being ranked by search engines. 

Thus, the first hack to appear in the top section of the search engine result page is to upgrade the SEO architecture of your website. 

As page architecture impacts both the search engine ranking and user experience of your domain, it makes navigation easy and comprehensive, making the visitors spend more time on your website, and eventually improving the web traffic and conversion ratio of your brand. 

How to Structure a Website: 5 Effective Tips

After you know the significance of website architecture, it is essential that you know the method of structuring your website. This is because site architecture in SEO is pretty vital for holistic website development. 

This is because there are countless brands that have failed due to the lack of proper knowledge or know-how to give a framework to the website. 

Let’s find them out.

1. Get Strategic Internal Linking 

Internal linking routes the customers to the other pages of the same website. 

When you link one page of the website to another, a message is delivered to the search engine showing how both pages are technically connected to each other. 

The rank tracking section of RankWatch can help you build a good interlinking strategy. To be more precise, it would help you identify the high-value pages, and further, you can interlink them to add value to the overall structure of your website. 

But how to do it?

  1. Just log in to RankWatch or take a 14-day free subscription.
  2. Set the respective domain URL as the new project. 
  3. Click on the rank tracking dashboard 
  4. Scroll down and click on the top landing pages

RankWatch’s Rank tracking dashboard

You will arrive at the section where the top landing pages of the website are showcased. This insight has been bifurcated into two sections: top landing pages as per keywords and top landing pages as per traffic.

RankWatch’s top landing pages insights

You just have to grab the data, mark down the high-ranking pages, and interlink them in order to formulate a webpage architecture that witnesses the high surge of organic traffic and page authority. 

2. Accessible Web Pages

Get your product and services accessible in a few clicks.

Besides, it would be better if there were fewer than four required clicks. 


That’s because the architecture’s depth affects the crawling of your website. Now, the deeper the page architecture, the more time will be taken by the search engine to crawl your website. 

Secondly, to make your web pages easily accessible, you also have to make sure that the website doesn’t have any flaws or errors. 

To help you identify such issues, RankWatch’s site auditor will be your guide.

RankWatch’s site auditor


After setting the domain URL as the new project, you have to visit the site audit section of RankWatch. 

Within a second, the AI-driven tool will offer insights like HTTP status code distribution, broken pages, duplicate page sets, missing titles, missing descriptions, short titles, short descriptions, slow loading speed, canonical tags, unlinked paginated pages, page depth, disallowed pages, failed URLs, non-HTML URLs, and much more.

RankWatch’s site audit issues distribution insights

On top of that, you also get a site score as per the issues persisting on the website. You can consider that the lesser the score is, the weaker the structure of your website.

RankWatch’s site audit score

What to do now?

Basically, these are the issues that make your pages either inaccessible or difficult to access. 

Just keep on resolving the issues one after another, and as your pages become accessible, the website architecture will automatically improve. 

3. Optimize the Site’s URLs 

Optimize your URL by keeping it short and equipped with targeted keywords. 

You need to make the search engine understand the hierarchical structure and intent of your content. This is only possible when you keep the URL clear and conscientious. 

Don’t worry! RankWatch will help you with this. You can use the on-page SEO checker of RankWatch to optimize your URL.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ

SEO IQ is basically the on-page SEO analysis of your website measured in a score. Understandably, URL optimization is a major factor involved. 

But how to get it done?

RankWatch’s SEO IQ URL insights

  1. After you log in to your RankWatch account, visit the SEO IQ tool. 
  2. Now, click on the improvement ideas section, and as you scroll down, you get the URL insights of your domain. 
  3. Just go through these insights, and it will give you an overall idea of URL status. 
  4. Evaluate these insights and find a way to optimize the URLs.

Next, the keyword research tool of RankWatch can also help you with URL optimization. A URL is always equipped with targeted keywords, and you can use our free tool to identify it. 

Do you want to know the pathway?

  1. Just visit the best free keyword research tool given by RankWatch
  2. Enter the targeted keyword
  3. Click on the submit option

The AI-enabled tool will instantly give you insights like keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, trending search volume, geographical distribution, organic keyword suggestions, paid keyword suggestions, question-based keyword suggestions, and a lot more.

RankWatch’s free keyword research tool

All these insights are sufficient enough to fetch the right keywords for optimizing site URLs. You just have to determine which keywords can be used per your requirements. 

The better the usage of keywords in the URL, the stronger the structure of your website will be. 

So, next time you are planning for URL optimization, don’t forget to extract the right keywords for better results. 

4. Use Breadcrumbs Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation of website structure

To improve the customer experience, gain more clicks, and mitigate bounce rate, the breadcrumb navigation in page architecture is crucial and effective. 

It streamlines the flow of information, offering the customer a smooth experience across the navigation pathway. Know the utility of breadcrumb navigation from an SEO standpoint and make phenomenal use of it for building web page architecture. 

5. Use HTML and XML Sitemaps

HTML and XML sitemaps

XML and HTML sitemaps are the files that list the essentials of the website, including pages, images, and videos, so that they can be found and crawled by Google or other search engines. So, create XML sitemaps to lay a better foundation for your website. 

It also makes the user journey easier by allowing them to find a particular list of common web pages in one go. So, sitemaps are also essential for the SEO structure of your website. 

Final Thought

Well, this is all about the page architecture, types of website structure, architecture of SEO, and effective ways to build them. Other than that, you also got to know the significance of an internet marketing platform when it comes to structuring your website. 

So, next time you are looking for an exceptional architecture of SEO, or good SEO for site structure, don’t fail to use RankWatch for the business.

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