What Are Keywords? Know Everything About Their Intent & Research Methodology

January 27, 2024 | Keyword Research

KEYWORD! The name itself gives a sheer adrenaline rush to any marketing person.


Because keywords not only form the fundamental base of any digital campaign but also ensure the comprehensive intent that is responsible for making your customers stay on your website. 

However, do you know that keyword research and analysis is not as simple as it tends to be? 

You have to identify their volume, competition, relevancy, CTR, organic suggestions, paid suggestions, and much more. 

And the most significant thing: all these actions and insights would never be possible if you were not guided by an efficient keyword research tool. 

So, in this article, we shall have a complete discussion on keywords, their categories, benefits, and their utility in the prospect of modern digital marketing. 

Let’s start!

What are Keywords?

Image of what

Firstly, let’s brush up with the proper keyword definition.

Keywords are the search words or phrases that users feed in the search bar of the search engine to find a particular query or info. 

SEO keywords are the terms that marketers embed across the content in order to improve their value in the search engine result pages or SERPs.

How Many Types of Keyword Search Intent Are There? 

As per the ideal bifurcation, keyword search intent can be segmented into four basic categories. 


Informational Keywords

The keywords that are used by people in the attempt to learn something can be termed informational keywords. 


  1. Flipkart Big-Billion Day
  2. World No-Tobacco Day
  3. International Tiger Day


Navigational keywords

The keywords that people use to find a specific location, site, or page are navigational keywords. 


  1. Cricbuzz Score
  2. RankWatch Blogs
  3. Trending Youtube Videos


Commercial keywords

People use these keywords to find specific products, services, or brands. They are often used to compare brands, check reviews, and look for discounts and offers on a product. 


  1. Adidas vs Puma Running Shoes
  2. Free Coffee 
  3. Amul Butterscotch Flavour


Transactional keywords

Keywords that depict a strong urge or clear intent to buy a product or service are called transactional keywords. Marketers often target these keywords to boost up the paid ads. 


  1. Quick Pizza Delivery Near Me
  2. Buy Medicines Online
  3. Cab Pick Up From the Airport

Why Keywords Matter? 

Using keywords that will effectively target each stage of your business and its funnel marketing is pretty vital. 

Thus, you need to identify the keywords and incorporate them across your content. 

Keywords are the first manifestation of optimizing the website to rank higher. They are the consolidated effort of your market research, the fundamentals of your strategy, and the core metrics you can use to drive success.

Best Qualities To Look For In A Keyword

While doing keyword analysis or using keywords for your content, there are a few qualities that you should look for. 

Search Volume

Search volume

Search volume is basically the number of times a particular keyword is searched each month on Google. It varies from location to location and keyword to keyword. The more the search volume, the better the utility and ranking. 


Competition image

Keyword competition is how difficult or how easy it is to get ranked on Google. The most sought-after keyword phrase would be having high competition organically. 

Marketers often call it keyword difficulty or competitive difficulty and measure it with an automated digital tool. 

Basically, the less the competition, the easier it would be for the keywords to get ranked. 


CPC image

CPC is the abbreviation of cost-per-click, which tells us the price that the advertiser has to pay each time a visitor clicks on the paid ad. 

Knowing the CPC value of a keyword is essential for those who are looking forward to adopting a PPC marketing campaign. 

Word Count

Image of word count

As the name says, word count is the number of words encapsulated in each keyword. 

For instance, “Best IT Companies in the US” comprises five words, and “Which is the highest mountain range in Asia” comprises eight words. 

The more the word count, the more specific the search query is. 

Is Keyword Research Necessary? 

There are countless reasons to perform keyword research before shortlisting the right keyword for your content. 

However, there are a few undeniable advantages that every marketer would relate to.

Some of them are: 

  1. Know the preferences of audiences before posting your content
  2. Understand the competitive scenario of the market
  3. Identify content opportunities with low competition
  4. Recognize the search intent of the users
  5. Get new content ideas for your next marketing strategy

How To Perform Efficient Keyword Research?

Perform keyword research image

Well, after knowing the significance of keyword analysis, you must learn about the correct method of practicing it. 

When you look forward to evaluating keyword phrases for your domain, there must be a work plan drafted beforehand. 

So, here we come up with the major work area that you must sincerely work on for better keyword analysis.

Before making the keyword analysis, you must make a rough idea of the relevant topics whose keywords have to be listed. 

For example, a local store selling cosmetics would be targeting keywords like “beauty products for women,” “natural hair care,” “natural skincare,” “organic skin and hair care,” and so on. 

The keywords that you are targeting must have high search volume and comparatively low competition. This will let you know about the possibility of your content getting ranked on Google. 

How can RankWatch help you? 

Now, RankWatch is an automated AI-driven tool that can help you in this mission. Firstly, it offers you a free SEO keyword research tool that doesn’t cost a penny. Secondly, the results given by this tool are accurate and data-driven. 

How to use it? 

  1. Enter the targeted keywords in the dialog box. 
  2. Set the targeted location. 
  3. Now, select the keyphrase or broad match keywords. Once done, click on the “Search” button. 
  4. The AI-based keywords analyzer will offer you insights like search volume, competition, CPC, keyword difficulty, organic keyword suggestions, paid keyword suggestions, question-based keywords, geo-distribution, keyword grouping, and a set of key phrases closely related to the core one.

RankWatch’s keyword research insights

Make the best use of these insights for building up the keyword analysis strategy for your organic SEO campaign. 

Keywords trends comparison also allows you to focus on the terms that have the maximum potential to generate traffic and attract the target audiences. 

So, identifying the right trending keywords is also a significant measure of keyword research for SEO campaigns.

RankWatch’s rank tracking dashboard

How to get this done?

The ranking overview section of RankWatch can help you understand the current market trends.

It delivers insights like country-wise share of voice, keyword distribution, top keywords, top landing pages, tags, and SERP snippets. 

All these data in hand have the potential to make you comprehend the current trend of the market.

RankWatch’s competitor analysis dashboard

You can also use the competitor analysis section that RankWatch offers you. 

It gives you insights like ranking keywords, ranking URLs, top-notch competitors, high-ranking snippets, and much more. 

All these data would allow you to make a draft of the market trends in and out.

RankWatch’s question based keywords

Further, the top question terms section of RankWatch’s Keyword analysis tool would give you insight into question-based keywords like who, what, when, which, where, whose, how, and why. 

These interrogative question-based keywords would enable you to verify the search intent of the keywords that are to be used in the whole marketing campaign. 


So here we have made a complete discussion on keywords, their intent, significance, categories, and research methodology. 

You also got to know that an internet marketing platform like RankWatch is required for end-to-end accomplishment. 

Thus, next time you plan to thrive on an effective keyword research strategy, don’t fail to use RankWatch for the process.

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