RankWatch Backlinks Analysis takes no time to extract a website's inbound link data and help you prepare an effective link building strategy by bifurcating the backlinks on it various properties. Activate the domain over our Link Center to get regular updates on its backlinks.

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Regular monitoring backlinks

With your project addition, get a weekly recurring update on backlinks for the domain on Rankwatch Link Center

Powered by the biggest hub of links - Majestic

Authentic link data collected from Majestic- collaborated with our own proprietary data which makes us one of the biggest database of backlinks from the industry

Active Links

In-depth analysis with weekly statistics of every single currently active link. This analysis will aid you in identifying the areas that need attention.

Lost Links

Discover and monitor all the links which were previously pointing to your website but are no longer active or have been removed.

Referring Domains

Know about the domains that are linking to your website. RankWatch lists these domains qualitatively based on the domain quality/authority of the linking site.

Anchor Texts

Get categorised data on your anchor texts that drive traffic to your domain and analyse their targeted and non-targeted distribution to avoid over optimisation.

Authors details

Monitor the content pieces that were linked to your domain. Easily connect with the authors who wrote them through various social medium and discuss future collaborations.

Advanced Filter

Through the advanced filter, you can narrow down the data according to your preference. You can filter the data on the basis of anchor texts, link age, author country,etc.

Link Age

Track the approximate age of every backlink. This can further be bifurcated into the links that were formed yesterday, today, this week, last week, this month, etc. you also add your own custom date or time period.

Weekly Report

Download weekly reports available in PDF to perform a detailed performance analysis of every backlink pointing to your site.

Link Categories

Know about what type of content is linking to your domain: text, image, etc.; what pages are those links pointing to a home page or internal pages; and what kind of links are they: nofollow or dofollow.

TLD (Top Linking Domains)

Learn about the domains driving the most traffic to your website. TLDs are categorized in terms of their top-level domain type.

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