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What is Domain Age?

Domain Age refers to the time since when a website has been active. For example, if your website is active since 2000, then your domain age by 2010 will be 10 years.

However, the domain age can be estimated based on the time of registration and the time since when a domain was active. But for the search engines, a website's age is recorded from the time when it was first crawled.

The Domain Age Checker by RankWatch provides you with the approximate age of your website along with the day it was registered.

About Domain Age Checker Tool by Rankwatch

Through our Domain Age finder, we aim to help website owners in calculating the domain age of their site. Website Age Checker by RankWatch is one of the most convenient-to-use tools available on the internet. It provides you with every ounce of necessary information that requires to be known by webmasters and website owners.

Unlike other Website Age Finders, our tool provides its users with information related to the first time a domain was created and the last time when it was updated along with the domain's expiration date.

Our Website Age Checker not only tells you about the registration or expiration date of the domain; but also, about the approximate time as well.

Our tool categorically segregates the collected data and formulates a report that can be downloaded easily. You can open the report only to find out more data about your domain age extracted by our Website Age Checker.

Extra data related to your website age include:

The IP address of the device that is hosting your website currently.

Information about the servers on which your domain is running.

Name of the registrar from whom the domain was bought (eg. GoDaddy).

Extra details on the domain concerning its broad history.

So, basically, through our Domain Age Checker you will not only know about your domain age but also, you will get data related to your domain expiration date, updating date, and the name of the registrar as well.

And there is one other thing:

The Domain Age Finder Tool by RankWatch is 100% free to use. Which means you get such a vast database about your domain without spending even a single penny. 

Why is Website Age Checker Important?

Different website owners have different domain related needs; hence, there can be several plausible reasons for using a Website Age Checker. And each one can be as important as the other.

To check your domain name age (most common).

To know about the expiration date of your domain (for renewal).

To check the domain age of your competitors.

To check the domain age of a website you are thinking about buying.

Being a website owner, you know the age of your domain. You registered it by paying for the registration process, and you renew your license every year. The registrar emails you and keeps informing you about the expiration date when it comes closer.

So, this strikes-off the first two reasons for you to use a Domain Age Checker tool. However, the last two remain, and they are the primary reasons why you will consider using a Website Age Finder tool.

Why should you check the domain age of your competitors?

Every business aims to rise above its competitors and intends to stay ahead of them always. Plus, it does not matter whether it is a small-scale business or a large-scale business, every brand studies their competitors. Our Domain Age Finder online is just another one of those tools that can help you conduct in-depth research into and gather information about your competitor's domain.

Through our Domain Age Finder, you will know since how long a particular competitor has been in the market. Depending on that domain age data, you can further analyse how much your competitor has achieved after it came into existence.

If a competitor has been active for 10 years, there's a strong possibility that it has gained a vast backlink profile, people's trust, and brand loyal customers. Now, after determining the domain age, your data analysis will be thorough, and you will be able to formulate a full proof strategy that delivers positive results.

Using Domain Age Finder to check the domain age of a site you want to buy

Another reason that makes it necessary for you to use our Website Age Finder tool.

Sooner or later, if you consider purchasing a domain, you can use our free Domain Age Checker tool to determine whether buying a particular domain would be profitable or not.

For instance, there's a 10-year-old domain up for sale; but in the years it was active, the domain was not ranked any higher than Google's third SERP. The domain's backlink count is also high but, they are primarily spammy links. So, it will not be a wise decision for you to buy such a domain because when the time comes to clean the site, it would require a lot of time and efforts from your end. But if you are willing to invest both of it, then at least the price negotiation of the domain will be in your favour.

How to find age of a website using our Domain Age Checker?

Every free tool launched by RankWatch, be it Domain Authority Checker, Reciprocal Link Checker, or Domain Hosting Checker, has only one motive: to save your time and efforts. Therefore, you will not face any issues in using our tools.

To find the age of a website using our Domain Age Checker is really easy. It includes 3 steps:

  1. Enter The Domain (Up to 10 Domains)

    Provide the Domain Age Checker with URLs to the website whose domain age you want to track. You can add up to 10 domains.

  2. Hit the 'Find Age' Button

    After entering the domains, hit the 'find age' button right below the tool.

  3. Download The Report (Optional)

On clicking the 'find age' button, the tool will generate an online report instantly. You have the choice to download the produced report.