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Free Domain Age Checker Tool

Enter a domain in our free domain age checker tool and find its estimated website age.

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Free Domain Age Checker Tool

Using our FREE Website Age Checker Tool, finding a website's estimated age becomes a cakewalk.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a sequence of characters corresponding to a combination of letters and numbers that makes up an IP address. This IP address is used to access a website using any client software.

Simply putting, what a user types in the browser to access a website is a domain name. For example, ‘’ is the domain name for RankWatch.

What is Domain Age?

The duration a website has been in operation is known as its Domain Age.  To illustrate, if a website has been operational since 2010, then its domain age would be around 13 years now.

Estimating a domain's age may rely on the time of its registration and the duration the domain has been active.

However, search engines consider a website’s age to be from the moment it was crawled for the first time.

Is Domain Age Important?

Yes, domain age is significant for SEO or Google ranking. Domain age is one of those multiple factors that Google considers while ranking a website.

It is essential to remember that the duration for which you have owned a website is not the domain age but rather the duration since Google initially indexed that domain.  That is why some businesses prefer to purchase 'age domains' that have existed for a while to gain additional Google influence.

However, simply registering a domain name ten years ago does not necessarily mean that Google recognizes it as a 10-year-old domain. Google only considers a domain’s age if it has been indexed.

In other words, if a domain has been registered for a decade but has not been utilized, it holds no more value than a domain registered just yesterday.

Advantages of using Website Age Checker tool

There can be multiple reasons for utilizing a website domain age checker tool online depending on site owners’ varying requirements related to their domain. Each reason can be equally significant.

The following are the main advantages,

  • You can easily check domain age of your website.

  • Use it to check for the expiration date of your domain and renew it accordingly.

  • You can check domain age of your competitors.

  • You can check domain age of a website before purchasing it. 

Why is it Essential to Check Domain Age of Competitors?

All businesses strive to outplay their competitors and maintain a competitive edge regardless of their size. Competitor analysis is a crucial aspect of every brand’s strategy. 

Our domain age checker online tool allows you to conduct extensive research and collect information about your competitor’s domain.

Using our tool, you can check domain age of your rivals and determine how long they have been in the market. That information helps you to analyze its progress since its inception.

For example, if a rival firm has been in the business for a decade, it’s likely that it has gathered a significant number of backlinks, earned customers' trust, and built a loyal brand following. 

Once you have identified the website's age, your analysis will be comprehensive. That will allow you to create a reliable plan that produces successful outcomes.

Why is it Essential to Check Domain Age Before Buying a Website?

If you want to buy a domain, using our website domain age checker tool can help you decide whether buying that particular domain will be wise.

It is essential to check domain age before purchasing a website to gain the following ideas,

To know the backlink profile of the domain on sale

An older domain name will likely have more links pointing to it. That is because it has existed for a significant amount of time and may have acquired links over the years. The previous owner may have made efforts to obtain high-quality backlinks.

Search engines consider both the quantity and quality of backlinks when determining a website's ranking. A good link profile created by previous efforts can benefit the future owner.

To know the SERP performance of the domain on sale

As mentioned earlier, an old domain name with high-quality backlinks is expected to perform well in search engine results. Most SEO experts consider domain age to be a significant ranking factor for Google.

Utilizing a domain name that already ranks higher in search engine ranking can reduce a significant amount of time, resources, and money for SEO. By determining the age of a domain, you can estimate how well it will perform in search results.

To gauge the amount of traffic to expect on the domain on sale

When it comes to website traffic, having an established domain can give you an indication of what to expect. 

A long existing domain generally performs better in terms of organic traffic compared to a new domain. However, there are other factors, such as consistent content creation, that can also influence website traffic.

To know about the reputation of a domain’s name

If you purchase a new domain name, you must work hard to establish a good reputation from the beginning. 

However, if you opt for a long existing domain name, it may have a positive reputation in its market segment. That is because users may have developed trust in the name over time. 

To check any negativity associated with the domain name

It may be tempting to believe that any random long-standing domain name is trustworthy and flawless. However, this is not always the case. In case you find a long existing domain name on sale, it is essential to investigate whether any negative aspects are associated with it and how long they have been present. 

For example, the previous owner may have used unethical SEO tactics to improve their search engine rankings. Another thing that may arise is a negative reputation among customers about a specific domain. It is possible that some of them have blocked it or marked it as spam. The domain's future could be in danger if these issues are not resolved.

Researching the domain's history and checking the age before purchasing it is essential to ensure everything runs smoothly.

About RankWatch Website Age Checker Tool

Rankwatch Website Age Checker Tool is the easiest and most user-friendly among all the other online tools. Believe us! You need not be a techno-geek to use our tool. Instead, a minor (You can try with your daughter or son who is in high school now) or a layperson can use our tool without any hassle. Besides, like other tools, you need not refer to any user guide to use our tool. And the best part is our tool is absolutely FREE. So, why not give it a try TODAY!?

The goal of our tool is to assist website owners in determining the age of their domain and providing them with all the essential information they need to know.

Any random website age checker available in the market only offers the date when a domain was registered or will expire. However, the Rankwatch domain age checker not only provides the same but also provides information about the first time the domain was created, the last update made to it, and estimates the age of the domain. And remember again, you get this combo for free. 

What Makes RankWatch Domain Age Checker Unique to Others?

Our domain age checker categorically sorts the gathered information and generates a downloadable report. Here’s what you will get from our domain age checker report:

  • The total time period for which the domain has been active

  • The date on which the domain was created

  • Detail data on domain’s last upgrade.

  • Domain’s upcoming date of expiry for renewal.

Our domain age checker tool is 100% FREE to use. That allows you to gather a vast database about your domain without shedding anything from your pocket.

How to Check Domain Age Using Our Domain Age Checker Tool?

As mentioned earlier, our Domain Age Checker Tool is one of the most convenient ones to use, like any other free tools offered by Rankwatch. You can find a domain’s age with other details by following three simple steps,

  • Provide the URL as input in the tool to track the age of a website’s domain. You can provide up to 10 URLs as input in our tool.

  •  After entering the URLs, simply click on the ‘Find Age’ button right below the tool.

  • The tool will quickly generate an online report, which can be downloaded depending on your requirement.