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What is MD5 Hash? | What does MD5 mean?

MD5 stands for message-digest and it was designed by Ronald Rivest that is to be used as a one-way cryptographic hash function. The purpose of an MD5 is to accept messages of any length be they small or long (it doesn't matter) and convert them into fixed length message-digest value. 

An MD5 can encrypt the data into unreadable codes, doing so saves your information from being read or misused. Also, an MD5 hash Generator helps you in creating the content or any textual information into an encrypted code that is not at all easy to decipher.

What is the use of MD5?

The above section has informed you about 'what is MD5?' and now, you need to know what is the use of MD5

Basically, the initial purpose of an MD5 is to convert text into a specified hash length. The original text before conversion is called the 'message' and after the MD5 Hash value is created, the value is considered as 'message digest'.

The produced MD5 file is encrypted. So, every site that has an MD5 Hash Generator implies that the information you provide on that platform or information available on that platform is encrypted in a code. Hence, safeguarding your information as well as your users'.

Also, it is necessary for you to keep in mind that the MD5 Hash Generator can produce a fingerprint and not the whole encryption. So, if you will try tools like MD5 Decrypt, MD5 Decode, or MD5 Reverse, to decrypt the MD5 to text, you will not be successful.

How does Rankwatch's MD5 Hash Generator work?

The working of RankWatch's MD5 Hash Generator is simple and easy to understand.

You have to begin by entering your text in the MD5 Generator's editor and click on the 'Create MD5 File' button. By clicking that button, you allow the tool to run its MD5 algorithm and start calculating the hash value. The process will only take seconds before our free MD5 Converter Tool produces the final results.

You can always check the MD5 file with the help of tools related to MD5 Reverse, MD5 Decode, and MD5 Decrypt, that are available in the market.

No matter how long the textual string is, if you enter it in RankWatch's MD5 Generator Tool, you can create MD5 Hash Value immediately. Software engineers benefit the most from our MD5 Converter. It does not matter which programming language they are fluent in such as the likes of SQL, MySQL, ASP, PHP, etc., our MD5 Calculator can help them all!

When you are using an MD5 Generator there are possibilities that the tool will create similar MD5 hash values leading an MD5 collision, but when you are using RankWatch's MD5 Hash Generator, the chances of such a collision is minimum.

How does Reverse MD5 function? | How to Decrypt MD5?

The purpose of an MD5 Generator is to create an MD5 Hash Value that can safeguard the integrity of your information. It is not an impossible task to perform MD5 decrypt or MD5 reverse but, the chances of it happening are very bleak. The process will take a lot of time to decrypt the MD5 Hash Value. The MD5 decrypt tools you use carry a high chance of disappointment. Such tools will keep on running their algorithm with barely any possibility of a complete and accurate MD5 decryption.

However, if those MD5 decode tools are successfully able to crack the actual text behind the code, then that means that your MD5 Hash Value Generator is not producing MD5 values that are secure enough. 

Importance and Optimum Size of MD5 Hash Value

The MD5 Hash Value is 128 bit and it is made up of a limited number of 32 hexadecimal characters. The MD5 checksum or hash value are codes that protect a particular piece of information. It is not easy to decipher the MD5 hash value. Basically, it is a safeguard that is powerful enough to protect data.

Although, you must remember that MD5 hash values are easily created when the text is simple enough. If the text is complicated a barely makes any sense, then MD5 generation can take nearly a minute or so.

What are Rainbow Tables?

Rainbow Tables have the ability to reverse MD5, they can decode the cryptographic hash value. The Rainbow Tables are basically used in the process of recovering passwords or lost data.

Also, you might be wondering why they are called Rainbow Tables? The answer is simple enough: every column in the Rainbow Tables have a separate reduction functionality.