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Free Online English Spell Checker Tool

Run the Spell Check test by submitting your textual document and wait for a few seconds while the tool accurately identifies and corrects the spelling mistakes.

About Rankwatch's Spelling Checker

RankWatch's Spelling Checker is a tool that goes through every single word in your textual content and accurately provides you with correct spellings to each one of them. When you run a spell check test, you are not only making yourself look professional and reputable, but correct spelling will also mark you as credible. 

Apart from that, running a spell check test can improve your English as well. You will quickly learn how to spell correctly, and maybe someday you will not even require our spellchecker tool.

RankWatch's Spelling test is fast and corrects not just the tier 1 words but is equally effective in correcting tier 2 and tier 3 words too. 

Never worry again about How to Spell a word

It happens with us all that sometimes we forget how to spell a word. For instance, not everyone knows the correct spelling of vacuum cleaner. Some people spell it as 'Vaccum Cleaner', and the others spell it as 'Vacuum Cleaner'. The latter one is correct. So, you learned something. You learned how to spell Vacuum Cleaner correctly.

There are other mistakes as well that makes it even more necessary to run a spell check test. When you are writing content, and you misspell a letter, it is capable enough to change the whole meaning of the word.

For instance, message and massage: the only difference between these two words is the syllable 'e' and 'a'. Let's understand it better by putting these words in a sentence: 'When did you message me?' If we use the word 'message', then the sentence conveys a different meaning, but if you mistakenly put 'massage' there, then the sentence means something else altogether. 'Message' means a verbal, textual, recorded, communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be connected directly. Whereas 'massage' means, the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain. Just see for yourselves how a single misplaced syllable conveys two different meanings.

As a writer, committing such mistakes is a sign of unprofessionalism, and it'll make you lose your credibility amidst your readers. Running a spellchecker test can protect you from committing such errors.

Bid Adieu to Spelling Mistakes with our Spell Checker

The special thing about RankWatch's Spell Check tool is its accuracy. When you paste or upload textual content in its editor, you will be presented with the correct spelling of every misspelt word within seconds.

No matter how severe the spelling mistakes are, our tool's robust algorithm will timely correct even the most complex of spellings. You will not have to put extra efforts by running another spell check test.

How our Spellchecker helps you?

When your content is correct and has nothing wrong with the spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. then your readers directly focus on the value of your content and the information that your article is trying to disseminate.

But if there is any mistake in your article including the spellings, grammar, and punctuation, then people are going to notice those mistakes and will eventually start commenting on your article constantly and suggest you the correct spelling. Thus, you do proofreading.

However, when you start manually checking the content for such mistakes, it is not always possible that you will identify every single one of them. Plus, that is a time-consuming job. Therefore, you can start using RankWatch's Spell Checker tool. The system is designed to monitor every aspect of the content concerning spellings, and because it produces results within seconds, you can save a lot of time that can be productively used elsewhere.

Why use Rankwatch's Spell Check Tool?

RankWatch's Spell Check Tool is regarded as one of the best spell checker available in the market. It is not only easy to operate but it can also accurately identify mistakes and corrects them within seconds.

When you Google Spell Check, you will find numerous tools that offer you the same services as RankWatch's Spell Checker tool. Some of those online spell check tools will ask you for email IDs or would ask you for subscribing to their Newsletter before producing results. But RankWatch's Spell Checker is different. You do not have to submit an email ID or subscribe to the Newsletter, you just have to provide your content, and RankWatch's Spell checker will correct every single spelling mistake in your content for FREE and that too, an UNLIMITED amount of times.

RankWatch's Spelling test provides you with three ways of submitting the textual document:
Copy & Paste: You can copy and paste your textual data from an already prepared document and run the tool for text correction.

Upload: If you have already prepared the document, you can directly upload it from your computer and correct the spellings.

Real-time Entering: RankWatch's free online spelling checker tool also provides you with the option of writing your content real-time and correct the wrong spellings.

Also, to make it entirely clear, RankWatch assures you that the submitted content will not be misused. Your information and content are 100% protected with RankWatch. We solely aim towards improving your content with correct spellings. We don't wish to make a profit from your content in any sort of way possible. Our primary motive is to help you write excellent content and build trust amidst your community.

Enter the world of Correct Spellings

When you start using RankWatch's Spell Checker tool on a daily basis, you will learn how to spell better. When you learn how to spell better, you can seek help from other free tools like RankWatch's Grammar Checker, Word Counter, plagiarism checker, etc. and create excellent content without spending much time on the editing.

People will then focus on the value of your content and the insights you have covered, and the Grammar Nazis will not fill your comments with corrections in sentences, grammar, and spellings.

RankWatch's Spelling Checker is the tool you need!