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Domain Authority Checker Tool

Enter the URL in the Domain Authority Checker and press 'check authority' to analyze the authority score of the domain.

About Domain Authority Checker Tool or DA Checker

There are more than 1.8 Billion websites in the world and their number is consistently increasing every single hour. 

How does Google decide which site to rank on top of its search results? It does not rank every site whenever a query is searched. So, how does it rank?

Google has more than 200 ranking factors and optimising for every single one of them comes under SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And there are two major aspects of SEO: One is On-Page and Off-Page. On-page refers to the SEO that is limited to your site only; whereas off-page refers to the SEO factors that are performed on every other site except yours.

It is the off-page factors that affect a site's domain authority. And if the domain authority of your site is higher, then Google Bot trust that domain and ranks them accordingly. Also, if higher DA Authority sites link to your domain with a do-follow link, then that would result in an increase in the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your site.

Through our Domain Authority Checker Tool, you can perform an authority check on a domain or a web page. As the Domain Authority and the Page Authority of a site are rated out of 100; the closer you are to 100, the more trustable your site is considered. So our Website Authority Checker will tell you the DA and PA of a site out of 100.

What is Domain Authority or Page Authority of a Website?

Domain Authority of a site represents how relevant it is to its targeted industry. And a Page Authority, on the other hand, represents how relevant a page is to its targeted industry.

To determine the Domain Authority, there is a score out of 100. And the higher that score is, it means that the particular site or page is more relevant to its targeted industry. 

Furthermore, if your site has a high domain authority score or one of its web pages have a high page authority score, then that results in higher rankings of the site and page as well.

Both the domain authority and page authority is similar to each other, their purpose and effect are the same; however, the DA of a site is a score of the whole website, and the PA of the site represents the score of a particular page.

What our Website Authority Checker does is it scans your site and presents you with the DA and PA score of your website or web page.

Importance of Domain Authority Checker

It is on the basis of the Domain Authority as well that your site is ranked higher in the SERPs. If the DA of your site is low but your competitor's DA is high, then it gives you competitor better chances of ranking better than you.

There are several factors that can improve your site's domain authority and those are as follows.

1. Quantity and Quality of links

2. Social Media Mentions

3. Brand Search Volume

4. Domain Age

5. Quality of Content

6. Search Engine Optimisation

These are the main factors that can affect both the domain authority as well as the page authority of your site.

If you have been following every single one of the seven factors appropriately and still the Domain Authority Checker represents the website authority to be as same as before, then you should wait for a month or two because it takes time determining a website authority.

What makes our Domain Authority Checker the best?

The reason why you should choose our Website Authority Checker Tool is clear; whatever score we provide you after the scan does not mislead you in any way, it's100% accurate.

Along with the Domain Authority score, the produced report provides you with information related to your site's IP address, location, and Google Index and Cache data.

Our tool has an advanced algorithm that's capable enough to scan the submitted URL in-depth and present you with the DA and PA score.

Plus, our tool is 100% free. You do not have to spend a single penny to determine the domain authority of your site. And for using RankWatch's Domain Authority Checker tool, you don't have to subscribe or enter an email ID, you just have to submit the URL and let the tool do the rest

How to check Domain Authority of a website?

Be it webmaster, developers, or website owners, there is no formula known to anyone that would calculate a site's domain authority. Even if you try doing that, you will have to scan ever factor involved in determining a domain authority score. And that is a really time-consuming task. 

So, what is the easiest way to check a site's domain authority? 

Open the page or the domain you want to check the authority of, and copy it and paste in our Free Website Authority Checker Tool. Our tool will run the scan and present you with a detailed report instantly.

The process is really easy, accurate, and time-saving.

The DA Checker you can bank upon

RankWatch is a full-fletched SEO software and each and every single on its free tools be it, keyword density checker, plagiarism checker, link price calculator, etc. they all produce reports and data that is accurate and never misleading. And our Website Authority Checker is no different than the rest of its tools. The result produced by the tool be it related to the domain authority score, the page authority score, or the other pieces of extra information it provides. It is free, trusted and believed!