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Free Favicon Generator Tool

Upload an image and RankWatch's Free Favicon Generator Tool will instantly create the desirable favicon for your site at zero cost.

About Favicon Generator Tool by Rankwatch?

Favicon is a term that is a mixture of the words Favourite and Icon. A Favicon is an icon that distinguishes your site from the billion others on the internet. A Favicon is also addressed to as an icon of a website, the icon visible next to the title in the tab, a bookmark icon, and countless others. Whenever you create a Favicon for your site and upload it in its code, you can find it in all browsers and their bookmarks as well. It can be found next to the site's name in the tab. It is through this Favicon that the audience is able to identify a business; making the use of a Favicon Generator tool to create favicons more than necessary.

RankWatch is not the only one that provides website owners with the freedom of creating Favicons. There are several other online tools that are offering similar services as well. However, some of those online Favicon Generator Tools are either producing Favicons that are of low quality or asking hefty costs for the creation of high-quality ones And that's where the Favicon Generator by RankWatch is entirely different.

Our online Favicon Generator is capable enough to help website owners and webmasters create favicon for their site in high quality. And that's not the only thing that sets our favicon maker apart, there's another one. If you use our favicon make to create favicon, you will not have to spend any money whatsoever. Our tool will make high quality favicons for your website absolutely free.

We know how important favicons are for branding and marketing, therefore, we provide you with such exclusive services for free with our Favicon Generator Tool.

How can our Favicon Generator help you?

When you see a white small case 'f' over a dark blue box, you instantly it as Facebook's. The same happens with every website on the internet. Every single one of them has a logo, and it is through this logo, that the target audiences are able to identify a brand and distinguish it from the others.

You may have your brand logo on your website but, it is quite important that you also have a Favicon which is always visible to the viewer or visitor in the address bar along with your brand title.

A website's favicon is pivotal for branding and marketing because the audience can immediately identify a brand simply from its favicon. Our free Favicon Maker can help you in creating a favicon whose every detail is visible to the user/visitor.

Plus, a favicon can also build trust and professionalism. Every brand has a logo and nowadays, every website has a favicon. If you don't see the white 'f' overlapping the blue box next to the address bar and Facebook title, would you trust that site to be authentic and professional? You might eventually, but in that moment you will be doubtful.

How can you use Favicon Maker Tool?

Similar to the numerous other free tools available online by RankWatch, the free Favicon Maker Tool is not at all difficult to use. You simply have to upload the image file (maximum size up to 2 MB) in the Favicon Generator and click on the 'Create Favicon' button. Following this, the tool starts converting the uploaded image into a Favicon and presents you with your free favicon in a matter of minutes. Also, our tool gives you the option of uploading an image directly from the drive as well.

Tips on making the best of Favicon Generator Tool?

As favicon is just another form of an image, you must think about its format before finally choosing an image as your favicon. This is a problem that is commonly known amongst all Favicon Generators.

But for RankWatch's Favicon Generator Tool, this is no problem for any browser for internet surfing except Internet Explorer. Due to some algorithm drawbacks, the favicon is not clearly visible in Windows' Internet Explorer. But for Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. the favicon generated by our Favicon Maker is 100% adaptable.

You must always remember that it is through your favicon that your audience will identify your site amongst the rest. So, you must make it impressive enough not to be easily forgotten and efficient enough to describe the nature of your website.

Why only ICO and PNG files for Favicon?

There are mainly two types of favourite icons: Favicon ICO and Favicon PNG. But there is barely any difference between the two. Favicon ICO was the format for old browsers but it has not been updated enough to adapt to the new ones as well. And Favicon PNG is the favicon quality that new web browsers easily adapt to.

Favicon ICO is compatible with old browsers but Favicon PNG is not. So, if someone is using an old browser, the Favicon PNG will not be visible to the user or if visible, it will not be clear.

The reason why both the ICO and PNG files format are used for favicon is that these kinds of images do not compromise with quality and are most adaptable to for almost every web browser.