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Domain Hosting Checker Tool

Enter a domain name in our Domain Hosting Checker Tool and know about the hosting platform on which a domain operates.

Introduction to Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting are two separate entities.

A Domain Name is a website's unique name. When you enter a Domain Name in the web browser along with the protocol, sub-domain, and top-level domain, then the browser directly leads you to a designated website.

For instance, if you type '' in a web browser, you will be directly lead to Google -the search engine. In the mentioned URL, 'https' is the protocol; 'www' is the sub-domain; 'Google' is the domain name, and 'com' is the top-level domain.

Every domain runs on a web hosting service which allows the user to access a website or a web page on the world wide web. A web hosting service provides the necessary technologies required by a site to become easily accessible on the internet, such as:

Storage Space

Email Accounts (e.g. [email protected])


The best domain hosting service also provides you with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) along with more email accounts, extra disc space and bandwidth.

As a website owner, if you go for the best domain hosting service, you will find it easy to maintain your website. Furthermore, reaching out to millions of people will only become convenient. Every time a searcher searches for your domain name, your chosen hosting service will lead him/her to it directly and swiftly, any time of the day.

You need to choose the best domain hosting providers so that people can access your site conveniently. It is the domain hosting provider that looks after the page load speed of your domain name, and choosing the best one will only help your audience access your site easily.

Through the Website Hosting Checker Tool by RankWatch, you can know about the domain hosting services on which a domain operates. You can approach that particular hosting provider and purchase a hosting package that fits your requirements.

Apart from that, by knowing the domain hosting service provider, you can report the presence of offensive and inappropriate content and request its removal.

What is Web Hosting or Domain Hosting

Web Hosting or Domain Hosting refers to the businesses that provide online hosting services to domain names. A Web Hosting Service provider connects the user to the domain name whenever they visit it. Also, an online hosting service provider offers several packages to the domain name holders (website owners) with services like fast page load speed, HTTPS protocol, storage space, bandwidth, and domain name based email IDs.

Hosting providers that offer the best web hosting services have different packages that provide similar features but their quota increase from package to package. You can choose the Domain Hosting Service provider that satisfies all your requirements at an affordable rate.

How to check Website Hosting online?

If you purchased a domain, got it registered, but after a while, you start to wonder 'who is hosting my website?' or 'who is hosting my domain?' there's one simple answer: Website Hosting Checker Tool by RankWatch.

It is one of the best website host checkers available in the market. And in order to start using it, you need to first copy the domain name URL of the website you want to check the hosting of. After entering the domain name, you just have to press the 'Check Online Hosting' button so the tool could run its advanced algorithm and produce a report within seconds.

On analysing the Website Hosting Checker's report, you will find the name of the domain hosting services.

About Rankwatch's Domain Hosting Checker Tool

The Domain Hosting Checker Tool by RankWatch was only created to help millions of people all around the world finding the hosting provider of a domain name. However, checking the domain hosting provider is not the only speciality about our online hosting checker tool.

When you produce the hosting provider report and start analysing it, you will not only find the name of the web hosting services but also, extra information related to the domain. You will know about the IP the domain name is operating on, the day you bought the domain name and last updated it, etc.

And apart from all of these extra features of our Domain Hosting Checker Tool, there's one more thing: Our tool is surprisingly fast and is free as well. Yes, you can check the domain name hosting providers any time you want for free!

How does our Website Host Checker work?

If you have used the other free tools by RankWatch such as the Domain Name Checker, the Link Analyzer, etc. you have noticed that using our free tools is not rocket science. To know a website's hosting provider, you just have to enter the domain name's URL and then click on the 'Check Online Hosting' button. The reports will be produced within a matter of seconds.

So, with the help of our Website Host Checker, gaining knowledge about a domain's hosting provider has become as easy as blinking, which saves both your time and your efforts.

Why is there a need to check website hosting?

Our free Domain Hosting Checker Tool can help you determine a website's hosting provider in a snap! With that knowledge, you can learn about the hosting providers who offer better services at a reasonable cost. It can save you a lot of money, and our free tool specialises in doing just that.

If you were to check the domain hosting provider of a website manually, it would take a lot of time and energy to get it correct finally. But with our tool that happens in a simple click